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Ann Lotha Talks To Us About How She Became A Successful Designer

โ€œAs I work for a company and not my own label yet-my work is split into different brands -like if you see a embroidered bag at Zara which says made in India there could be 60-70% chance that we had something to do with itโ€ Ann Lotha has taken her dream and passion and made it into a reality through her hard work and dedication towards the work. She is a designer for famous companies like Zara and Mango, and we had a small one-on-one with her to talk about how she reached where she is today. Read the full interview below. Introduce us to your work. What got you started? I’m a product designer who specializes in all sorts of hand-embroidered techniques like hand-beaded embroidery, handloom weaving, crochet, macrame, machine embroidery, and so on. I design and work on products for bags, soft home products pillows /throws, hair accessories for multinational companies like Zara, Mango, etc. When I started my first job, after graduating, I had no clue about embroidery or anything machine-related projects …