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Imrongtuden aka IMXRNG from Nagaland Talks About Creating Lo-fi Music and His Bold Musical Ambitions

One of our greatest gifts that is solely ours is our ability to dream; while some toil to make their dreams come true, some blend into the shadows of fear and frustration. So it is encouraging to see some brave hearts go against adversaries in pursuit of their dreams – however odd or bold they may seem. A friend of mine is one such courageous soul, who has made the bold decision to take the path of resistance to follow his passion for music. I’d like to introduce you to Imrongtuden from Dimapur, who is an aspiring musician/Producer/DJ. Apart from his musical talent, he is also known among his circle for his creativity, hard work, and curiosity. He plays the piano pretty proficiently as well, and makes great Anime art. Let’s find out more about him, his music and more. Session Musician and Lo-fi producer Imrongtuden from Nagaland Supong: We can only ever start something by truly knowing the person, to start it off would you like to tell us a little about yourself. Imrongtuden: …