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Imrongtuden aka IMXRNG from Nagaland Talks About Creating Lo-fi Music and His Bold Musical Ambitions

One of our greatest gifts that is solely ours is our ability to dream; while some toil to make their dreams come true, some blend into the shadows of fear and frustration. So it is encouraging to see some brave hearts go against adversaries in pursuit of their dreams – however odd or bold they may seem.

A friend of mine is one such courageous soul, who has made the bold decision to take the path of resistance to follow his passion for music. I’d like to introduce you to Imrongtuden from Dimapur, who is an aspiring musician/Producer/DJ. Apart from his musical talent, he is also known among his circle for his creativity, hard work, and curiosity. He plays the piano pretty proficiently as well, and makes great Anime art. Let’s find out more about him, his music and more.

Session Musician and Lo-fi producer Imrongtuden from Nagaland


Session Musician and Lo-fi producer Imrongtuden from Nagaland

  • Supong: We can only ever start something by truly knowing the person, to start it off would you like to tell us a little about yourself.

Imrongtuden: Hi! My name is Imrongtuden and I come from a family of 5. I am from Dimapur, Nagaland and I like Anime and Rice. I am a session musician, and one of my current obsessions is producing Lo-fi music. My goal in life is to become a professional DJ/Artist/ Music producer/Musician. I am an Aquarian and my personality is ENFJ according to MBTI.

  • Supong: How would your friends describe you?

Imrongtuden: My friends usually describe me as an Intense, Hardworking yet laid-back person who has cognitive empathy with great love in being a musician who tries his best to become better at whatever he does every time.

  • Supong: Introduce us to your work – and what got u started?

Imrongtuden: I make aesthetic Lo-fi songs that are easy to listen to and helps you focus and concentrate. They vary from soft melancholic songs to nostalgic hip-hop vibes to modern aesthetic variation.

The technical term for Lo-fi is basically an aesthetic of music that captures the imperfections during recording and production, often with the sound being “low quality” compared to contemporary standards. I started producing Lo-fi after I heard it on a playlist on SoundCloud around the year 2016 and it literally got me hooked to it.

“I used to compose a lot of songs on guitar pro when I was just a kid until I got introduced to a real DAW, which is also called a “Digital Work Station”. Then I started to recreate some of the EDM hit songs during that time, which of course failed miserably.  I had no idea what I was doing back then and would just practically mimic the tones and rhythms by ear.

After some years of experimenting, I started to do my own research and poured hours of my time learning on how to get better at producing and I still am learning. I found various artists like J Dilla, Jingsang, Kudasai, Tomppabeats, and Nujabes and started to learn from their songs and would often recreate them from scratch to better understand how this new genre worked.”

  • Supong: Which work of yours has been your fav so far and Why?

Imrongtuden: I would say “Purple Hyacinth.” Because I really had fun making a beat that I can cry to. But on a serious note, I really have deep meanings to that song because it talks about a very pitiful side of me that I always fight within.

  • Supong: Similarly, which has been the hardest to create?

Imrongtuden: The hardest song to create was “Star Dust” because there was a lot of technicality behind it. I had to recreate some of the samples from scratch and literally just blend it like nothing happened. And find the perfect vocals to fit into it.

  • Supong: You are so young, and with an ambitious goal. What are the greatest challenges you have faced so far?

Imrongtuden: Yes, many challenges – mainly with promotions and family. 

“First, It is quite tough to be a producer when you are financially zero and have no name. I tackled this problem by making use of my talent and going on a tour with my friends (Lojal, Sen, Jeremy, and Dennis). This journey was very enlightening for me because I learned so many things, technically and mentally.

I met so many excellent musicians and engineers and started to maintain/develop a good relationship with them. And TBH, being a musician is all about keeping good social relationships. I mean skills matter but you really need to have a certain social skill to seal the deal.”

Secondly, the family issue. Basically, the dream I had was a dead dream to them. So, I just had to accept it and realize that I am alone, and I don’t need anyone’s approval to pursue something that I am very passionate about. I took this resistance more like a test and a challenge in order to move forward. 

  • Supong: What is your favorite leisure activity?

Imrongtuden: I usually play the piano or sometimes the guitar. Other times I like to sit down and just plan the days on my calendar or Make content for Instagram.

It was quite tough to be a producer when you are financially zero and have no name. I tackled this problem by making use of my talent and going on a tour with my friends (Lojal, Sen, Jeremy, and Dennis). This journey was very enlightening for me because I learned so many things, technically and mentally.

  • Supong:  What are some other talents of yours?

Imrongtuden: Well, I don’t really know if you call this talent but I can type fast with an average WPM of around 72 to 69. I also draw Anime and Landscapes.

  • Supong: If you are having a bad day, how do you deal with it? What do you do? 

Imrongtuden: I just hold everything in and probably just produce some songs or practice my piano. I technically just try my best to keep myself busy with anything and everything.

  • Supong: What’s your best childhood memory?

Imrongtuden: It would be the time when I first got my hands on a keyboard which was in middle school. I was literally so happy that I kept playing the instrument 12 hours straight, every single day. 


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  • Supong: And last but not least a message to inspire our dear readers. 

Imrongtuden: I want to encourage everyone to take a step further and engage in risk. Become who you always wanted to be and always make use of everything you have atm. Even if you give up on God, do not give up on yourself.

Follow Imrongtuden and his music on Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.



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