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Mother’s Day Special | Folks Across The Country Shares ‘Sweetest And Funniest Things Moms Say And Do’

They say a mother can take the place of all the others yet whose place no one else can take. They are irreplaceable and every mother is uniquely special in her own ways. So, on this Mother’s Day, we wanted to recall and celebrate the authentic virtues that are tied down to motherhood: sacrifice, commitment, selfless love, perseverance—the list is endless. We have reached out to some lovely folks across the country and asked them to share some things about their mothers, and the answers are heartwarming! Scroll down to read them all. My story is a combination of both the sweetest and the funniest time I had with my mom. One day, as I was walking around in the town shopping with my mom, I unconsciously began singing the carol “O Holy Night ” and as I gradually got more into it, singing louder and louder, walking amidst a whole crowd of people, rather than jolting me back to reality she joined in on the action, even louder than me, if I may add. …