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Mother’s Day Special | Folks Across The Country Shares ‘Sweetest And Funniest Things Moms Say And Do’

They say a mother can take the place of all the others yet whose place no one else can take. They are irreplaceable and every mother is uniquely special in her own ways. So, on this Mother’s Day, we wanted to recall and celebrate the authentic virtues that are tied down to motherhood: sacrifice, commitment, selfless love, perseverance—the list is endless. We have reached out to some lovely folks across the country and asked them to share some things about their mothers, and the answers are heartwarming! Scroll down to read them all.


Jung Longkumer (right) with her beautiful mom (left)

My story is a combination of both the sweetest and the funniest time I had with my mom. One day, as I was walking around in the town shopping with my mom, I unconsciously began singing the carol “O Holy Night ” and as I gradually got more into it, singing louder and louder, walking amidst a whole crowd of people, rather than jolting me back to reality she joined in on the action, even louder than me, if I may add. Obviously we were getting a lot, and I mean a LOT of looks from the people around. Not a care in the world, just walking down the street, hand in hand, singing like there is no tomorrow, embracing each other’s company. And that is just one of the ‘gazitrillbillmillion’ reasons I LOVE my mom! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

~ Jung Longkumer, make-up artist from Nagaland


Kuingam Vashum and his mom, his best friend

We call her Amā – she is the most important person in my life and indeed the best and the greatest gift that me, my 5 siblings and my dad received from God. Words alone cannot articulate what she means to us. My mother has the greatest impact in my life. She is a theologian and loves the Lord. Every first Sunday of the month is special because she will fast and pray for me and my siblings. At the end of every call, she will tell me to read the bible, pray and to put God first in everything. She always reminds me and gives me advice on the important values of a good life.

I hate the first week of the month because that’s when she works the hardest and the busiest, to make sure that our monthly expenses are met. As I watch her struggle to fulfill our needs, I can only hope to be as strong, humble and hardworking as her. She is a strong woman who doesn’t let any setbacks hold her back. She is also compassionate and generous. Besides looking after the family, she also looks after dozens of orphans like they are her own, runs Sunday school in my small neighborhood and also give bible studies to many widows.

I have lied to her, I have let her down on so many occasions but regardless of what I have put her through, she continues to support and love me. She is always there for me and always pushes me to go after my dreams. She doesn’t put any pressure on me but walks with me in every step to ensure that I am in the right path towards achieving my goals. She has taught me so much and I will always be grateful. I LOVE YOU AMĀ!

~ Kuingam Vashum from Manipur

My mom is an independent and a strong woman, she is consistent and passionate about whatever she does. She is my inspiration and also my WCE (Woman Crush Everyday)!

~ Thinlay Yangchen from Sikkim


Atu walling (right) and her mom (left)

For as long as I can remember, my mother has always made my dreams and needs her priority. Putting her own dreams aside in order to tend to mine first is one of the sweetest things she has done and she still continues to do it. Thank you for raising and loving me unconditionally and for the innumerable life lessons. I’m beyond blessed to call you Avo (mother).

~ Atu Walling from Nagaland


Ekta on the right with her mother (left)

My mom is certainly more fashionable than me! She is always checking my wardrobe and secretly throwing some of my old clothes so that I wear new ones. That I think is the sweetest thing she does for me!

~ Ekta, 30 Punjabi from New Delhi


19 year-old Hwangnim Shinglai and his mom

My mom gives me the warm fuzzy feeling like a blanket on a cold night. My Mother calling me “Paisho” (meaning youngest in tangkhul – dialect) is the sweetest thing I know. When I’m away from home, I long for this.  She’d crack her not-so funny jokes but the efforts she makes in it and the laugh is the cutest thing. I could go on telling a lot of things my mom does and of how much I love her but she already knows that. My mom – she’s the best, it’s such a common thing to say but I mean it with all my heart. 

She has her flaws, her scars but for me and my family, she wouldn’t care! For me and us, she’ll step forward. I love you Mom.

~ Hwangnim Shinglai from Manipur, (19) student at Patkai Christian College, Nagaland.


Rohini Roy with her mom Anita Roy

My mom was always been into cooking and baking but never took it seriously. Recently, when I moved out, she dedicated all her time to baking and sells her yummy cakes to people. She is really killing it these days! I think that is the sweetest and most inspiring thing about my mother. When people would expect her to spend time on other things, she decided to start a new career and nailed it. I think this mother’s day, I only want to tell her that she truly motivates me to be more like her – a superwoman!

~ Rohini Roy from Kolkatta


Supongrepla (right) and her mom Bendangtula Pongen(left)

My mom’s a government employee by profession and a flower lover by nature. Our family is a pretty small one comprising of the typical three kids and the parents. We do love and share our sorrows like any other. My mother and I connect more because of our mutual love for nature. When I try to recollect the one thing my mother says the most, I’d be lying if I say there is only one because there are actually so many! But today, I’d like to share the most thug reply she’d ever given me. Well, flowers – my mom grows them year long and she’s proud of them when the church ladies admires them from the church balcony. She is a generous lady by heart and sometimes it annoys me that she gives them away very easily and quickly to people. So one morning, when I was home admiring her little angels as always, I notice these certain things which I suppose weren’t right so I was going on about how the pot should be facing that side, how the leaves should be supported like that and so on..she simply came and said “Ni ku indang narotem metetalir” which translates to “I know my flowers” that utterly shuts me out! After that morning, when I have an opinion on flowers and I start my ranting, she always utters those words. Now, it has become like our inside joke but nevertheless, she will know her babies the best any day. 🙂

~ Supongrepla from Nagaland


Shweta (right) twinning with her mom (right)

I’d like to say that my mom has turned into my friend but she still helps me drape a saree. I’d like to believe I’m a grown adult who can take on life but I look at her and see there is a lot more to learn!

~ Shweta, 31 – Content strategist from Jamshedpur


Pahi Sarmah (front) with her super mom

I love my mom because she has given me everything and without her, I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today. I once used to be an introvert but she has shown me the bigger picture and made me a people person now and it’s so nice because I get to learn so many things. My mom makes sure to make me feel that nothing is impossible and encourage me to go out to the world, conquer it and live my dreams. She has also taught me to be passionate and consistent at what I do and also helped me to become a strong independent woman. So I feel very blessed, loved, wonderful and that’s all because of my mom. I want to thank her from my heart. I love you, Mom.

~ Pahi Sarmah from Assam

Wishing all the beautiful mothers out there a very happy and wonderful Mother’s Day!

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