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Meet Anen Jamir, A Singer from Mokokchung, Who is Winning Hearts With Her Talent

When we say, Northeast is a talent hub, we definitely are not lying! Today, we have a very talented singer with us, Anen Jamir. A 15-year-old self-taught musician, Anen has made several covers and continues to charm people with her heartwarming voice. We sat down with her to know her inspirations, aspirations and more.  Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, I’m still buzzing over the fact that I’ve been given an opportunity to do this! Once again, hi, I’m Rezennenla, but I prefer going by Anen because I’ve heard enough variations of my name. I’m a 15-year-old teenager who grew up in a small town called Mokokchung and is a student of Jubilee Memorial School and I love singing. How did you get started into singing? Well first of all, I only started singing when my friend and I joked about forming a band but actually ended up forming an all girls band. Nothing that serious, just some small gigs here and there and some school programs. I never took my singing …