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Authentic Recipe of The Popular Naga ‘Pork with Bamboo Shoot’ from Nagaland

Here’s a recipe for a local favorite pork dish from Nagaland submitted by Sentienla (profile at the bottom). Pork with bamboo shoot is a favorite dish in Nagaland, whether it’s a humble meal at home with family or for important celebrations like weddings, tribal festivals, or Christmas. This recipe features pork belly, which adds a special succulent flavor due to the fat content. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients: ย Pork belly ( cut into cubes) – 500gm Dry red chilies 13-15 nos Garlic 12-15 cloves 1/2 cup of dry bamboo shoot Water 100-200ml Salt to taste Directions to cook: ย Soak the dry red chilies in hot water for 6-10mins. Then take a mortar and pestle, and ground them. Soak the dried bamboo shoot in water (room temperature) for 3-5 mins. Coarsely ground the garlic in a mortar and pestle ย Take a deep pot and put the pork belly – cut into pieces, and cook on low flame until the fat from the meat starts coming out. Stir occasionally Now, add the soaked dry bamboo shoot, crushed garlic, …


#RECIPE | Spicy Naga Fried Pork by Lilia Jimomi

Introducing a special recipe for today, brought to you by Lilia Jimomi, an esteemed food enthusiast who manages an exclusive Instagram food account. For the first time ever, she is sharing her favorite recipe: Spicy Naga Fried Pork! This dish incorporates traditional Naga ingredients, resulting in an explosion of flavors. The best part is that it requires minimal ingredients and can be prepared quickly, allowing you to enjoy a delightful Naga meal in just a matter of minutes. Ingredients 1 kg sliced pork 1 tablespoon paprika 3 tablespoons coarse-ground local chili powder 2 cups water 1 tablespoon ground Zanthoxylum powder (roasted in a pan for a few minutes before grinding) Salt to taste Roasted Zanthoxylum powder and local chili powder Instructions Fill a cooking pot with water and place the pork inside. Turn on the stove; add salt and paprika for color. Bring the water to a boil, then cover the pot and simmer gently until the pork becomes tender. If needed, add small amounts of water as required. Once the pork is tender, remove …