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The Inspiring Journey of Mixpick Enterprise With Rongsenmongla Jamir From Nagaland

โ€œAny opportunity to adorn oneself is human and accessories are an easy way to do itโ€ ~ย Marc Jacobs We belong to a generation where technology, like most people say, has exploited the lot of us. In some way, technology and modernization is a bad influence (as the old proverb goes ‘excess of anything is harmful) and yet here we are today proving that statement wrong! Meet Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise, an online store selling accessories and crafts. The young girls balance the trends and the traditions in creating their pieces. Read on to know more about them and their venture.ย  Mixpick Enterprise is an online store started up on: May 2018 Founder – Rongsenmongla Jamir (24) Co-founder – Limakum Jamir (21) We had a chat with Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise about the venture and more Hello there, to start things off it would be great if you take us back to how it all started! The groundwork for our venture was laid in 2016, when young talents were given an opportunity …