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The Inspiring Journey of Mixpick Enterprise With Rongsenmongla Jamir From Nagaland

“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human and accessories are an easy way to do it” ~ Marc Jacobs

We belong to a generation where technology, like most people say, has exploited the lot of us. In some way, technology and modernization is a bad influence (as the old proverb goes ‘excess of anything is harmful) and yet here we are today proving that statement wrong! Meet Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise, an online store selling accessories and crafts. The young girls balance the trends and the traditions in creating their pieces. Read on to know more about them and their venture. 

Mixpick Enterprise is an online store started up on: May 2018
Founder – Rongsenmongla Jamir (24)
Co-founder – Limakum Jamir (21)

We had a chat with Rongsenmongla Jamir, founder of Mixpick Enterprise about the venture and more

(L-R) : Rongsenmingla Jamir and Limakum Jamir

  • Hello there, to start things off it would be great if you take us back to how it all started!

The groundwork for our venture was laid in 2016, when young talents were given an opportunity by the DABA Youth Ministry with the tag ‘Made in DABA’ and with an aim to encourage the youth to create. I represented my own fellowship with a handful of Ao Naga ethnic fusion earrings and hairpins carved out with bamboo and embellished with colourful beads. To my surprise, every pair were sold out with a positive feedback from the buyers on the event. After that, we continued crafting and selling with the minimal amount of orders we got from our near and dear ones.

Later in the year 2018, after I was done with my graduation I wanted to be an example for the youngsters and all youths, and not be a victim of unemployment. Therefore, I came up with this idea of using a resource we all have, i.e. the internet and smartphones. Thus, Mixpick came into being as an online store. I would say it was a good move from the congregation that such opportunities were given out to which individuals.

  • What does a normal day look like for you?

Being a regular student, I have to attend my classes, do my college work etc. After my classes, I get back to work, which is something I’m comfortable with now. Staying back home in my corner and creating endlessly, that seems to be my normal day.


Accessories of Ao (Naga-tribe) by Mixpick_Enterpricse


Traditional necklace by Mixpick_Enterprise


Bright yellow colour Corsage by Mixpick_Enterprise

  • Can you share the process and the hard work that goes into making these little pieces of beauty?

Our process is to enhance our creativity by the things that are available to us. It’s all about ‘learning by doing’ process. We give our minds the freedom to create and bring out our own final outlook.

  • Why the great emphasis on traditional? And what drove you to make accessories?

It’s easy to forget our rich cultural heritage, our own tribe’ and culture when we are so heavily influenced by the west. Therefore, in order to keep a balance, we brought out our ethnic fusion earrings, bracelets, neckpieces and many more. We mixed both, trends and our traditional art, in making these pieces. In addition, we also work on small crafts like pottery, bouquet and boutonnieres.


At maker’s market.2018 Ili-ah Aiko green

Medium sized triangular pots by Mixpick_Enterprise

  • As the days goes by, tradition is getting very much tangled with modern fashion. What’s your say on that?

Keeping our identity alive and not just letting it fade away with time is difficult. And to do that while keeping a tab on all the latest trends gets even more creatively challenging. But, thanks to young designers, ethnic fusion has now become a trend. We also try to focus on creating a traditional look mixed with a contemporary essence.

  • The whole goal and motive behind your work?

‘Be an inspiration’ is what drives us. As young women living in a competitive state where the youth is often battling with unemployment, we must make use of resources and skills we have to become an independent entrepreneur. Our goal is to be self-sufficient and not be dependent on our parents.

Accessories of Lotha (Naga-tribe) by Mixpick_Enterpricse


Earrings of Angami (Naga-tribe) by Mixpick Enterprise


  • These days there are a lot of small entrepreneurs coming up via Instagram, how has this very platform helped you?

Instagram has helped a lot of entrepreneurs lately. E-commerce these days has not only helped thousands of people but also improved the economic status of our country. Mixpick itself started its online business via Instagram!

  • Lastly, your future goals, any plans on actually expanding the business?

We are looking forward to creating the best products for our lovely clients. For us, quality and sustainability matters and that’s what we are aiming for. We have been receiving a lot of support, online and offline, and with that, we aim to launch our own store in the near future.

Lastly, we would love to conclude with a beautiful quote that keeps us encouraged. “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” ~ Vince Lombardi.

To know more about Mixpick enterprise, follow them on Instagram!

A pair of earrings by Mixpick_Enterpricse

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