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A Song for Every Mood – Music and Musicians from North East India

  Over the weekend, we had a fun leisure chat with our readers, where we shared our current moods – in exchange for a song. By the end of the session, we had compiled a pretty good playlist of songs performed/written/composed by talented musicians from North East India. Scroll below to check out the list.  p.s: We have our weekly community chats on Instagram. Do visit for some fun. Also, remember to regularly check in on your friends – and ask how they are doing. “Very bad mood due to cramps” ~ @journalofhisdaughter Dedicating this song “Warrior’s Call” by Colored Keys Nagaland. Composed in two Naga dialects (Chakhesang and Angami) with a blend of tribal folk and contemporary western melody, this song is guaranteed to help you relax, and meditate. Breathe.    “Hopeful” ~ @ruchielal Play ‘Korou’ (meaning ‘Sunlight’ in Manipuri) by June Neelu Ft B.Maisnam from Manipur. A song about the beauty of nature… the sunrise, dews, birds, wind, and the mountains, this has been our go-to video for afternoon daydreaming and endless optimism. …


Meet Arunachal Pradesh’s Upcoming Indie Musician — Taba Chake

“Just a small town boy who took the midnight train going anywhere” — these lines from an old rock song seem like an apt description for our featured artist today, Taba Chake. A hidden gem among the myriad of artists in India, Taba is an indie singer and songwriter based in Mumbai. Being from Arunachal Pradesh, he not only makes music in Hindi and English but also in Nyishi, his mother tongue.  His music is refreshing, carefully crafted and somehow addictive. While on his tour, Taba was able to sit down to chat with us about life and what motivates him to keep creating music.  Read on! Hello Taba, please introduce yourself to our readers! Hello readers, I’m Taba Chake and I’m 26-years-old. I’m an average guy from a small town called Doimukh in Arunachal Pradesh. I’m someone who believes in hard work and God’s will. Currently based in Mumbai, I have been traveling, stayed in many places — all in search of music within. What sparked your interest in music? I think this all …