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These Naga Entrepreneurs Are Bringing Indians Closer to Korean Beauty Products

A little introduction to the people behind the brand ‘Skin Concepts’ Skin Concepts is the brainchild of two budding entrepreneurs, Tina and Vivo. Tina is an Arts graduate from Delhi University who returned to Dimapur after a brief stint in Delhi at Jupiter Capital. Tina is currently fully invested in Skin Concepts. While Vivo, who hails from Kohima, is also an Arts graduate  (from Delhi University) and has an MBA degree from James Cook University, Singapore. She has worked in Singapore for two and half years at Glutz Singapore, and is currently working full time as a planning assistant in the Planning and Coordination department for the government of Nagaland. Let us have a chat with the ladies and find out more . . . So what is ‘Skin Concepts’ all about? Skin Concepts is an e-commerce website selling authentic, carefully curated Korean skincare and beauty products. We officially launched our online store on the 1st of July this year . We currently have over 23 brands, and we are constantly adding more.Thing is, there are just so many amazing …