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Experience A Day In The Organic Farms At Agro-Farming In Dzuleke, Nagaland

Summer breaks are when you should venture out of the box, try out things, explore and experience the best of nature. If you haven’t already planned your summer holidays, we have got one that’s going to make you feel happy, fulfilled and definitely more positive. Agro-farming experience in Dzuleke – that focuses on reconnecting with nature and spreading awareness about organic agriculture and much more. Started on June 1st, this event is on till the end of June. Head out to Dzuleke, 38 kms away from the capital Kohima, to make sure you don’t miss out on this! Scroll down to get more details about the event. We had a chat with Asu Jamir, a member of the organising team, to know everything about the Agro-farming experience in Dzuleke. Tell us about the event, ‘Agro-Farming Experience in Dzuleke’. At Agro-Farming, we let people experience the authentic rural lifestyle with their family and friends at Dzuleke, Nagaland. It’s an opportunity for both young and old to experience the rich diversity of our agricultural fields. It’s the …


Visit Dzuleke at Nagaland – The Best Spot for Picnic, Camping and Relaxing

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway this weekend, we’ve got you covered! We’re talking about Dzuleke Village, nestled in the mountains and covered in lush green forests. A well-known place, this quaint village is certainly every traveler’s paradise! Abundant in flora and fauna, the village is surrounded by looming mountains covered in mist, scenic landscapes, wildflowers, the streams, adorable home-stays, the farmland. This picturesque place is a treasure trove for photographers or photography enthusiast. Located about 10 kms away from Khonoma village, Dzuleke in Nagaland Most of the houses here are surrounded with colorful begonia and geranium flowers. If you’re in the mood for a sightseeing trip, picnic, camping or just to take a short break from the mad rush of life, Dzuleke is the best bet for you to unwind. Trust us when we say that every sight of this place is a feast to the eyes. Although, the road to Dzuleke can be quite challenging but it is worth every bit of the adventure. Tourists stopped for sight-seeing on the way to …


Prakrithi Pradhan Goes For a Picnic With Her Friend to Make the Most of Spring Season at Saramsa Garden, Sikkim

“It was the festival of Holi and we were grateful to get time-off from work. My friends and I haven’t seen each other for long ever since we started working, so we planned a picnic in the Saramsa Garden. The best thing about spring is the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, which was just perfect to chill outdoor. It is the prettiest season with colorful flowers in full bloom! That day, the place was pretty crowded comparing to other days since it was a national holiday. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch people dancing and playing with colors! The most memorable moment about the day was the conversations we had about what was new in our lives, over some snacks. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get to see each other often. So, there was a lot to talk about, a lot to catch up on!” ~ Prakrithi Pradhan from Sikkim Prakriti Pradhan and her friend making the most of Spring season in Saramsa Garden, Sikkim


A Visit To “The Woods” – Cottage by Doyang River, Pangti Village in Nagaland.

So here’s the thing about visiting Nagaland. The whole state is a treasure trove of interesting ways to experience nature in its most glorious forms. The R&L team recently visited Wokha District in Nagaland – home of the Lotha Naga tribe, to attend their post-harvest festival ‘Tokhu Emong’, and also witness the arrival of the migratory bird “Amur Falcon.” While we toured the lovely Wokha District, we got a chance to visit Pangti village, where we had a stopover at the enchanting Doyang river for lunch. That’s where we came across “The Woods” cottage by the river, and had one of the most memorial experiences of the trip. Sitting elegantly by the river bank, “The Woods”, the 2-storey hut gives visitors access to the most peaceful and scenic view of the river Doyang and its surrounding beauty. The good news is, they are open for business, and anyone can come and book a room for just Rs. 300 per night (breakfast and food extra) and enjoy a relaxing time with the unique offerings of the …