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Music Producer / Mix Engineer VI-LO from Nagaland Chats about his First Single “Remember When”

Today we chat with Vizo Solo aka VI-LO from Nagaland as he gets candid about his journey as a band member (drummer) to becoming his own person as a music producer /Mix engineer. He is super excited about the launch of his first single as a music producer. Stay on for the full conversation below… Music producer and mix engineer Vilo Solo from Nagaland (producer name VI-LO) talks about his newly released single. R&L: Hi Vizo, congrats on releasing your first solo production! We’ve been checking out your work, and we are super interested to know more about you. So please introduce yourself to the R&L fam Vizo: Hi, I am Vizovolie Solo, and I go by my producer name – VI-LO. I come from Kohima village (Nagaland) but I grew up in Medziphema. I am currently based out of Bangalore where I dabble withย music production; I am also a mix engineer. I came to Bangalore in 2018, after completing my business studies in Pune. I wanted to build a full-time career out of my …