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Travel | Exploring Shilloi Lake: Nagaland’s Limpid Legend

The mountainous regions of North East India exude a remarkable harmony with its abundant flora and fauna. With picture-perfect scenery that resembles postcards, these regions are home to indigenous tribes and communities, leaving an indelible impression on all who venture there. The magic of this region is that it steers you out of your comfort zone and offers a beauty so raw and untouched that your adventurous spirit feels at home in these hills and valleys. One such destination is the Shilloi Lake in Nagaland. It is the largest natural lake in the State. About 290 km from the capital town of Kohima, Shilloi Lake is located in the Phek district,and takes about 10-12 hours by road (from Kohima). The water body is surrounded by mountains, a captivating skyline, green scapes, and wildflowers – a picturesque postcard image! Perhaps, that is why it is often considered a traveler’s haven. Legend of Shillo Lake Not only is the place a sight to behold but it speaks of an enchanting folktale that any local will be willing …