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Travel | Exploring Shilloi Lake: Nagaland’s Limpid Legend

The mountainous regions of North East India appear in perfect harmony with the flora and fauna, picture postcard scenery inhabited by the indigenous tribes and communities always seem to leave an indelible impression with anyone who visits the region. The magic of this region is that, it steers you out of your comfort zone and offers a beauty so raw and untouched that your adventurous spirit feels at home in these hills and valleys.


Tourists at Shilloi Lake | Photo courtesy – Colo Meru

One such destination is the Shilloi Lake in Nagaland. It is the largest natural lake in the State. About 290 kms from the capital, Kohima, Shilloi Lake lies in the Phek district. It takes about 10-12 hours by road. The lake is in the shape of a human foot.


Photo | Shilloi Lake, Nagaland.

The water body is surrounded by mountains, captivating skyline, greenscapes and wildflowers- A picturesque postcard image! 

Perhaps, that is why it is often considered a traveller’s haven.

Not only is the place a sight to behold but it speaks of an enchanting folktale that any local will be willing to feed your ears with. Folk tales is an important ingredient of any travel story. It makes the travel experience more enriching and memorable. Just like the waters of the lake, the legend is bewitching and limpid. People believe that a spirit of a girl child resides at the bottom of the lake. She protects the people of the surrounding region from harm and is considered the Queen of the Lake


Shilloi Lake | Pic courtesy – Colo Meru

The connectivity to Shilloi Lake can be arduous for some. Fortunately, there are villages on the way such as Chizami and Meluri where one can spend the night and rest. Zhipu village also offers the travellers way side amenities and one can enjoy the  sight of the magnificient white stones known as Pillow Lava at Lumüsüpa. Those, seeking adventure will be able to tread on this perfect route to paradise without complaints!


Lumüsüpa (Pillow Lava) white limestone deposit at Moke Village on the way to Shilloi Lake | Pic courtesy – Colo Meru

The place has comfortable and cozy homestay cottages and dormitories that one can tuck in as the night approaches. Pantry facilities are also available for those who prefer cooking on their own.


Cottages at Shilloi Lake


Bonfire at the homestay cottages near Shilloi Lake.

Whether it is  hiking, bird watching, boating and angling experience or to simply soak in the verdant environment, the visitor is never disappointed when they arrive at the Shilloi Lake. Most travellers enjoy the ariel view of the lake from atop a hill near by.


Boating and fishing scenes at Shilloi Lake | Photo credits – Colo Meru

A little beyond the lake, about 20 minutes of scraping, lies the historic couple stone at Phukungri village. The Myanmar border stretches in a line of  endless trees and hills. 


Couple Stone at Phukhungri village in Myanmar border under Meluri Sub Division, Phek District.

An early morning or evening walk in this region refreshes and rejuvenates the mind. As you walk in the heart of nature with the crimson sunrise/sunset in the horizon, silence transforms to serenity effortlessly and naturally. 

Planning a quick trip to this gorgeous spot for this weekend already?


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