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Local Fashion Brand “Shipen-Shisang” from Nagaland Celebrates Women with Their Spring Summer ‘18 Collection

It’s the month of June, and the weather in Nagaland is becoming warmer.It rains occasionally – sometimes very fierce, but as the sky opens up after the showers of rain, temperature may soar as high as 30°C; maybe a little cooler at around 25°C in Kohima. But the overall mood is relaxed and summery – with the locals often paying a visit to the nearby ice cream parlor, a friend’s place or an evening out to check out the lineup of cafes/lounges that have recently popped up in various parts of the state. That’s when they dress up in their most comfy – yet stylish outfits to capture #Instagram-worthy clicks. Thank their stars, they have some talented fashion designers – along with the local boutiques, to gather to their never-ending pursuit for the trendiest outfits – that are uniquely and exclusively made for the local fashion tastes. Today we have the talented fashion designer/entrepreneur duo from “Shipen-Shisang”showcasing their Spring Summer ’18 collection. The talented sisters behind the brand have been dressing up the savvy dressers with …


Meet the Sister Duo Founders of Local Fashion Brand “Shipen-Shisang” from Nagaland

Introducing the sister duo from Nagaland who founded ‘Shipen-Shisang,’ a collaborative fashion production house that has taken the local fashion scene by storm. Their entrepreneurial journey started in August 2017 in a small Northeastern Indian town, driven by their admiration for handiwork and the dignity of labor. The sisters’ profound understanding of their brand’s worth identifies a need for simple yet uniquely cool and comforting designs in the Indian fashion market. We chat with the founders of ‘Shipen Shisang’ Tutu (L) and Asang (R) R&L: Hi Tuti & Asang, thanks for chatting with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Titu & Asang: We were born and brought up in Dimapur, and our native village is Longsa, located in Nagaland’s Mokokchung district. Our design inspirations stem from observing and interacting with everyday people, which is reflected in our classic yet versatile designs suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. “At Shipen-Shisang, we believe that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression that represents one’s beliefs and identity. Comfort and trends are important, but we also …