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Meet the Sister Duo Founders of Local Fashion Brand “Shipen-Shisang” from Nagaland


Meet the sister duo from Nagaland who started the local fashion brand Shipen-Shisang – a collaborative fashion production house. Their entrepreneurial journey began in August 2017, in a small nondescript town in Northeastern India, after getting inspired by the notion of handiwork and the dignity of labor. The sisters exhibit a deep understanding of the value of their brand that identifies the need for simple yet uniquely cool and comforting designs in the Indian fashion market.


Founders of Shipen Shisang, Nagaland (L : Tutu and R: Asang)

“We were born and brought up in Dimapur, and and our native village is “Longsa” in Nagaland’s Mokokchung district.We get  inspirations by interacting with, and observing regular people in their day-to-day life, to create our designs. That’s why our garments are mainly classic in design – that are suitable for both regular/daily wear and occasion wear.”

“We believe that fashion is an important form of self-expression – a way to signify who you are and what you believe in. Comfort and the trend factor aside, the identity piece of Fashion is something you cannot ignore. That’s why our brand collections will reveal a lot about the lives of people who inspire our deigns (including ourselves and our childhood days). The mood is mainly relaxed, one with nature, pure, calm and of course, pleasant & beautiful.”

  • What is so special about Shipen-Shisang’s clothes?

All our garments are made with careful consideration – and more importantly, Love and Care. We make it effortless for every woman to find beautifully made clothing that fits her style and her values. We keep in mind to create things that are both beautiful and comfortable.

“Every piece is made with one basic question in mind – would we love to own this clothing if we saw it out of the context of our collection?”


Photo : Models Wearing Shipen-Shisang, Nagaland


Photo : Models Wearing Shipen-Shisang, Nagaland

  • So tell us how your upbringing (style) and your roots has culminated in the creation of Shipen-Shisang?

Tutu : As a kid I was known as a ‘tomboy’. I was never interested in wearing feminine clothes. I was usually seen wearing loose shorts, tees, and sneakers. But as I grew older, I began to get fascinated with fashion and individual style. It was amazing to see how clothes could change the way someone looks and how people look at them. If worn in the right way, a simple piece of clothing like a jacket can transform a person. I then found myself expressing my style and thoughts through fashion.

I actually don’t have any background in fashion other than personal interest; I freelance as a photographer. But this whole idea of collaborating with my sister to create a fashion label was a great way to express my creativity in another format.

Asang : I was a huge Grace Kelly fan and always wanted to grow up to be a fashion designer. As a kid, I enjoyed making clothes for my Barbie dolls. Growing up, I watched my mother doing what she does best – stitching pretty dresses for us. I remember that one time when I asked my mom to make me a “butterfly dress”. I  still don’t know how she did it but there it was. My happiness had known no bounds that day.

As I grew up, I realized how important a dress is to a girl. Since then I’ve been thinking about making clothes for other people – just to spread the joy I felt the day I wore my “butterfly dress”. I also have my own fashion label “Asang Lemtur” which I launched three years ago; the brand specializes in bridal wear, gowns, and dresses.


Photo : Wedding Gown by “Asang Lemtur”

  • When and How did you launch Shipen-Shisang, and what’s next?

Shipen-Shisang’s first ever collection was launched on 28th of October, 2017 and received a successful reception. We are honored and humbled to announce that 80% of our collection got sold on the first day! We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and have been thanking God for this glorious privilege!

We are a home-based business at the moment, and we sell our garments online. We plan to invite a few of our distinctive customers to come visit our home office on the occasion of the launch of our new collection. We are already working on our Spring – Summer collection for 2018 and are planning to include clothing for men and kids as well. 

  • What does “Shipen-Shisang” mean?

It means “clothings” in our dialect LONGSA (of “Ao” tribe)

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