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Meet Medophreno Shunyu, a Talented Sketch Artist From Kohima, Nagaland

Medophreno, from Kohima, is a self-taught sketch artist. Starting as early as when she was in 2nd grade, she’s honed her skills through rigorous and passionate practice. Her forte is sketching portraits but she enjoys experiment with different genres such as calligraphy as well. Talking about her work, she says, “through my art, I hope people see that we human beings are God’s masterpiece and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Art has been a for of inspiration since her childhood, and she hopes her art can inturn, inspire people. Medophreno had a talk with us about her artworks. Read the full interview below. Hello Medophreno. Can you tell us a litle bit about yourself? My name is Medophreno Shunyii. I am 26 years old from Kohima, Nagaland. If I were to describe myself then it’ll be in just two simple words – an ambivert and an optimist. And I’m also a big foodie. I’m trying to make a career in the teaching field. Until then, I’m doing a lot of things I like, art being …


Meet Lipokmanen Longkumer – A Young Artist Whose Artwork Showcases the People and Places of Nagaland

Lipokmanen is a talented self taught artist from Nagaland. He draws and sketches in charcoal and acrylic paint and passionately depicts the life of the Naga’s and the culture surrounding them through his work. We at R&L are proud to feature this young artist, who is so deeply bound to his culture and roots that he hopes to inspire younger people to learn the true value of it. Read on to know what he has to say about his art and what he tries to relay to people through his pieces. Self-taught artist Lipokmanen Longkumer from Nagaland chats with R&L about the inspirations behind his artwork, his latest project, and how an incident where he came last in a painting competition made him more committed to his work as an artist. Hello Lipok! Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Lipokmanen Longkumer and I’m a self-taught artist currently based in Kohima. I was born and brought up in the small village of Changtongya under the Mokokchung district (in Nagaland). I completed my graduation from …


“My Art Is My Way To Connect With The World” – Meet Erika Bonezzi, a Concept Artist from Italy

A highly passionate and an immensely motivated Freelance Artist and Architecture Postgraduate, Erika got herself hooked on to Concept Art – a form of illustration used to convey an idea for films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final outcome. Here we have a conversation with Erika Bonezzi who squeezed in sometime from her busy schedule for Roots and Leisure Share a little detail about yourself and what you have been up to? Hi! My name is Erika Bonezzi and I’m Italian. I graduated in Architecture in 2017 however, during the last years of studies I got more and more passionate about art, character design and concept art. After graduation, I chose to take a concept art course in my city and now I’m about to finish my studies and hopefully become a Professional Concept Artist. What initially sparked your interest in this field? I’ve always loved art since I was small; creating something from zero. Being able to communicate and share emotions with the world is something that …