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#RECIPE | Manipuri Dish – Spicy Fermented Pork with Escargot (Tharoi) .

Pork is one of northeast India’s most favourite meats. Whether it is smoked, fermented or cooked fresh, either way it tastes wonderful. Today, our contributorย Thanyo Lungleng, a Tangkhul naga from Manipur shares the recipe for her version of “Spicy fermented pork with escargot”. The dish contains our favourite combination – fermented pork and escargot. It can never go wrong! One traditional cooking advice my mother always gave me was to always add the chili powder and ginger paste at the beginning of cooking and add the garlic paste seconds before turning off the heat.ย This really enhances the flavour and aroma of the dish.” – Thanyo Lungleng. Thanyoย shares her recipe for a special dry dish, Spicy Fermented Pork and Escargot. Ingredients : A big piece of homemade fermented pork Escargot (Tharoi in Manipuri) Wild/long cilantro Ginger ground to a paste Garlic ground to a paste Chili powder (from Sirarakhong village, Ukhrul district) and salt to taste. Ingredients for Thanyo’s spicy fermented pork and escargot dish (L-R): Escargot, fermented pork, ginger, garlic, long cilantro, chili powder and …