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Recipe of the Famous ‘Black Rice Kheer’ from Manipur

Sticky rice is enjoyed in many forms in the northeastern region – often as an afternoon or evening snack. You can make sticky rice roti and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea, or simply add your favorite chutney to some pressure-cooked rice and relish it. Today’s recipe is an interesting sweet dishย  – ‘Sticky rice kheer or pudding’ย  that is very popular in Manipur.ย Locals love to make this at home especially during the winter and rainy seasons. Recipe below! Manipuri Sticky Rice Kheer Ingredients : A bowl of sticky rice – both black and white in equal proportion A glass of milk Two tablespoons of sugar Dry coconuts and almond Cardamom – 2-4 pieces Bayleaf Mixture of black and white sticky rice. Flavoring ingredients (Clockwise from Left): Dry coconut, Cardamom Bayleaf and Almonds Directions to Cook: Saute the dry coconut, bay leaf, and cardamons with two tbsps of butter in a cooker (where the kheer is going to be made) Wash the sticky rice (2-3 times) and put the rice into the cooker …