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“My Minimalist Way of Life Inspires My Tattoo Styles” Delhi-based Tattoo Artist Raghav

Raghav Sethi, a renowned tattoo-artist from Delhi, took to the art form 8 years. In a place where there’s still very limited awareness and knowledge about tattoo art, he worked hard to break out of the mold and make it big in the industry. Currently one of the top tattoo artists in the capital city, he runs his studio The Tattoo Shop. We had a quick chat with him about his work and how to make it big in the tattoo industry. Head to the link in bio or below to give it a read! Hey Raghav, thank you for chatting with us! We’re thrilled to have you. To start off, please introduce yourself to our readers. Hey, I’m Raghav Sethi. I am a full-time tattoo artist and I run the Tattoo Shop in Delhi. I am 27. What initially sparked your interest in tattooing? I had always been into sketching and drawing. Tattoo branched out of my love for drawing. It was only a natural progression from paper to tattooing, as and when I …


“I Want People To Experience The Beautiful Transformative Power Of A Tattoo” – A Chat With Tattoo Artist, Angel Zimik From Manipur

Tattoos have gone mainstream, and what was once considered a mark of rebellion in the past has become a trend that most people sport as a meaningful symbol. What’s fascinating about tattoo is how something so personal can etched forever (well almost!) as a beautiful piece of art. We had a chat with Angel Zimik, tattoo artist from Manipur. She talks about how it got started and the challenges she faces as she work full time at Devil’z Tattoo studio, New Delhi. Hello! Introduce a little about yourself. Hi! I’m Angel Zimik from Manipur and I’m currently residing in New Delhi. I am a tattoo artist and work full time at Devil’z Tattoo Studio, New Delhi since April 2018. Introduce us to your work and what got you started? According to me, tattoo is a moment of your life frozen on your skin. It’s phenomenal and I love how it stays permanent on the skin. Art on the skin is altogether a different game. Being a tattoo artist is often less compared to a painter …