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“My Minimalist Way of Life Inspires My Tattoo Styles” Delhi-based Tattoo Artist Raghav

Raghav Sethi, a renowned tattoo-artist from Delhi, took to the art form 8 years. In a place where there’s still very limited awareness and knowledge about tattoo art, he worked hard to break out of the mold and make it big in the industry. Currently one of the top tattoo artists in the capital city, he runs his studio The Tattoo Shop.

We had a quick chat with him about his work and how to make it big in the tattoo industry. Head to the link in bio or below to give it a read!

  • Hey Raghav, thank you for chatting with us! We’re thrilled to have you. To start off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey, I’m Raghav Sethi. I am a full-time tattoo artist and I run the Tattoo Shop in Delhi. I am 27.

  • What initially sparked your interest in tattooing?

I had always been into sketching and drawing. Tattoo branched out of my love for drawing. It was only a natural progression from paper to tattooing, as and when I started exploring mediums.

Raghav Sethi

  • Do you think your roots and upbringing has an impact on the way you work and pursue tattooing and your business?

Yes, a lot! My roots and people who inspire me each day have all taught me to be humble and work hard. It’s important to not let success or failures get to your head. My motto is to work hard each day, sincerely, to get better. 

Mandala tattoo to compliment birthmark

  • For how long have you been into this art and going ahead, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

This is my 8th year into the industry now, so I have been here a long time. In the next 5 years, I see myself travelling international (for work). I also wish to see myself as one of the top minimal style artist in the country, as that’s my favourite style of tattooing.

  • What’s your creative philosophy and how do you approach your tattoo assignments?

I am a simple person and I follow a simple philosophy in work and in life. I make sure to understand what the client really wants, and then work on getting the right emotion. After all, it’s all about letting people express what they want with me as the medium. 

Sisters tattoo by Raghav

  • In your opinion, how can someone make it big as a tattoo artist in India? What lessons have you learnt along your journey?

Since this is fairly new thing in India, we need more awareness and education here, about tattoo as an art form as well as a career.  And about making it big in the industry, all I can say is let your work speak for you.

  • Who/what gets you particularly excited about pursuing tattooing?

The fact that it’s permanent!

To follow Raghav’s work and his tattoos, follow him on Instagram.

Timing is everything. Tattoo by Raghav.

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