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Indie Rock Band From Nagaland “Trance Effect” Wants to Make Music That Heals Depressed Souls.

“Its alright, no more pretending.  Just ride without no worries  Its alright, don’t hide  . .” Just free yourself and let it dance ” goes the lyrics of the latest single ‘Stop Pretending’  by TRANCE EFFECT. This Indie rock band from Nagaland wants to use their music to talk about mental health issues and by doing so, aims to help people overcome their dark phase by creating beautiful music that heals. TRANCE EFFECT can be a safe haven for anyone who believes in the healing power of music. We sat down with the members of Trance Effect to know more about the team members, their music and some more Hi! Please introduce yourselves We are Trance Effect, a newly formed Indie band based out of Dimapur. We are a new band, formed in 2017. On vocals, we have our dynamic and compelling performer Iuli Yeptho, an energetic performer with her powerful vocals. Temsujungba on guitars, the bigger than life character and an outstanding showman. Sosang on drums, a quiet but an expressive player who never fails to …