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Longwa Village in Nagaland Might Be Your Best Bet for a Quiet and Enriching Getaway

One of the coolest things to do right now if you are looking to refresh your mind or just plain bored of the usual stuff on social media – is to go and visit a village and experience Mother Nature and her folks in the purest form. Having said that, there are tons of beautiful villages in every corner of Nagaland, in the Northeast region of India, and our local friends recommend visiting Longwa village in the district of Mon in Nagaland. With just around 600 households, Longwa village promises to be a quiet getaway while also enriching you with their rich historical and natural offerings. It is said that there are only 7 Chief Anghs (a ruler; sole authority of a village) in Mon district and Longwa is one of them that proudly has a Chief. Here are some local information about the place, it’s people and their food. This village shares borders with Burma and India An interesting thing about Longwa is that, it is located on the borders of Myanmar and India. The Chief’s place also …


A Visit to the Traditional House in Zhavame Village, Nagaland

“We are sitting against the backdrop of a traditional house in Zhavame village under Phek district, adorned with wood carvings that signify the owner of the house has performed the ‘Feast of Merit‘ several times, the highest social status in the olden days. It’s a beautiful reminder of our rich cultural heritage. On colder days, it’s common for village folks to sit around the fire in the frontage of the house, share stories and discuss issues, reminding us that even in the midst of broken hopes and dreams, warmth and kindness can still be found.” ~ Rita Krocha Rita Krocha and friends sitting around a fire inside a traditional house in Zhavame village, Nagaland