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A Beady Conversation With Uma – The Creator of Hol-O-Beads

Ever thought how the jewelry made of beads are created? Ever thought of making them? Today, we introduce Uma Vaijnath – the Creator and Founder of Hol-O-Beads (@holo.bead) who shares her story on how she got hooked onto making wired jewelry. Her creative jewelry work on beads, threads and wires are something to look at. Here’s a quick conversation with Uma on how one trip inspired her to get into beading. Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? Iโ€™m Uma Vaijnath, Ex-Software Professional. Now I have turned to a Happy Homemaker since 2005 after my daughter Abha’s birth. What initially sparked your interest in this field? A visit to Dakshinachitra in May 2012. The trip literally sparked the interest in trying magazine paper jewelry and thread jewelry. At one of their stalls, a shop keeper showed how to do a thread jewelry, which I could easily do and the same person backed off to show a macrame based bracelet. “I bought that bracelet for Rs 40/- and took up …