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This Creative Soul from Delhi Talks About Her Many Creatives Ventures | Meet Jewelry Maker and Food Stylist, Kirin Vas

A fair amount of passion and hard work goes a long way, and that is exactly what Kirin Vas from New Delhi stands testament to. From setting up her very own jewelry brand Funkanatomy, to being a successful food stylist and having her work featured on some big food brand campaigns, she really is a prime example on how to make a cool living by following your creative outlets. We had a little chat with entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and food stylist, Kirin Vas to know more about how she successfully juggles her super creative freelance life. Read on to know what this true blue Libran has to say. Hi Kirin! Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and what you’ve been up to? I’m Kirin Vas, 29 years old and based in New Delhi. I’m a food stylist and also run my own jewelry brand Funkanatomy. I grew up in Delhi NCR and launched Funkanatomy when I was 22. I started styling food independently at the age of 24 after assisting one of …


Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs | Temsusenla Kichu – Owner of Fusion Store Nagaland

When was the last time you got inspired by a women entrepreneur? It is very likely that it wasn’t too long ago. Thanks to the growing number of women hustling to make a mark, and in the process inspiring more women folks to join the force. Today, we have one such woman whose life journey as a go-getter and a contributor to society, started while still in school. Say hi to Temsusenla Kichu from Nagaland – owner of Fusion store, which houses an eclectic range of homegrown brands. By giving the local brands a platform, it acts as a catalyst of empowerment for the creators of the society. Tell us a little bit about yourself I am from Dimapur Nagaland, and currently nurturing my latest venture ‘Fusion store’, which houses various original creations from homegrown designers and creators. I have always been involved in various society activities, as I love being engaged and helping out wherever I can. It’s my 20th year being a part of the Rotary Club in Dimapur. I joined in the year 1997 as an …