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Guitar Passion at Play – Toshimoa Jamir

Alright, it’s been a while since we featured some awesome musicians here. And what a great way to get back on it! Today we bring you the story of Toshimoa Jamir – a young guitarist from Dimapur who has already made a name in the Nagaland music circuit. Jamir’s exceptional musical talent has led him to share the stage with the legendary Neil Zaza at this year’s World Music Day held in Nagaland. Toshimoa started playing guitar at a very young age. Toshi’s parents began nurturing his guitar skills right from his childhood and, amazingly, supported his decision to take his talent more seriously when he grew up. Eventually, he passed Grade 8 with merit in Guitar (Rock School, International Rock Music Exam Board London) in 2012 from Taaqademy, Bangalore. He then went on to work as a music teacher in DE SALES Music Academy and ICFC School for two years in Bangalore. Apart from the long list of awards Toshimoa has won, he was recently conferred with the prestigious “Young Achiever’s Award 2016″ in the field …


World Music Day in Nagaland | An experience shared by Arenjungla

Reader’s Post: Our reader Arenjungla shares her experience at the World Music Day celebration at Mokokchung, Nagaland. If you were given a choice between watching your favorite football player play and attending a concert of your favorite music band, what would you choose? Our reader Arenjungla had to make that choice and she shared her exhilarating experience with us when she finally chose to attend the World Music Day celebration held at Mokokchung, Nagaland. I thought I was already late when I reached the venue at 5:00 PM as the pamphlet said the event began an hour earlier. Turns out my friends and I had actually reached the venue a little too early and things were just beginning to warm up. Taking advantage of our early arrival, we thought we’d go ahead and grab a good spot for us near the stage. All this while, my excitement was getting out of control as I couldn’t wait to catch my favorite band Tune up Channel  (declared as “Best artist from Nagaland” during the Hornbill Rock Contest 2015). As luck would …