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I Backpacked to 12 European Countries in Less than One Lakh Rupees” – Jaseel Keloth From Bangalore Shares His Travel Adventures

Jaseel Keloth is a full time business analyst from Bangalore with a flourishing career in traveling, photography and visual production. At 23, he has already traveled to over 20 countries in the world, and to top that, has captured them on his camera with the utmost perfection. He also pulled off a backpacking trip in Europe under 1 lac!  Jaseel talks about managing his full-time job, his career as a travel photographer, and some of the many other adventures he has had along the way. Shot while doing filming projects at Coorg in Karnataka. Hello Jaseel, tell us about yourself. I’m Jaseel Keloth, a 23-year-old engineering graduate from IIT Varanasi. I juggle between a full-time role as a business analyst in Bengaluru and a life-time role as a content creator. I love traveling, photography and filmmaking. In the past three years, I’ve been able to cover 37 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. I mostly shoot aerials, cityscapes, and landscapes. I also create video content, mostly commercial or promotional for some major brands. I also …


Meet The Man from Nagaland Travelling the World on a Bamboo Bike

If an analogy of taking your roots around the world would have to be written, we can simply write about Yakuza’s story and be done with it. Kudos to this trailblazer for setting the stage –  hopefully, we will have many more such stories to share. Say hi to Yakuza Solo (Sievituo Chevy) from Nagaland, who’s going around the world on a bicycle made out of bamboo! His mission is to tell the world about the Nagas and Nagaland. In Nagaland, bamboo plays a huge part in the lives of the people – from being consumed as a food item to a spice, and a material used for building furniture and lovely houses. It is, therefore, very fitting that Yakuza chose to ride a bamboo bicycle to embark on his adventure, and to tell the world about the rich cultural land of the Nagas.  Yakuza will be travelling to Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and the United States of America. Here …