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Meet The Man from Nagaland Travelling the World on a Bamboo Bike

If an analogy of taking your roots around the world would have to be written, we can simply write about Yakuza’s story and be done with it. Kudos to this trailblazer for setting the stage –  hopefully, we will have many more such stories to share.

Say hi to Yakuza Solo (Sievituo Chevy) from Nagaland, who’s going around the world on a bicycle made out of bamboo! His mission is to tell the world about the Nagas and Nagaland.


Yakuza Solo from Nagaland with his Bamboo Bike, having a stopover in Paris

In Nagaland, bamboo plays a huge part in the lives of the people – from being consumed as a food item to a spice, and a material used for building furniture and lovely houses. It is, therefore, very fitting that Yakuza chose to ride a bamboo bicycle to embark on his adventure, and to tell the world about the rich cultural land of the Nagas. 

Yakuza will be travelling to Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and the United States of America.

Here is a look at his photo journal. It definitely looks like his passionate mission is also filled with lots of fun!


Yakuza being interviewed by a television channel in Luxembourg


A Closer Look at Yakuza’s Bamboo Bike

RootsandLeisure_Bamboo bike

The Beautiful Bamboo Bikes – Made in Nagaland

“A big shout out to all the super people I came across in #France, #Netherlands & #Belgium. Random souls giving me free food; good old travel friends taking perfect care of my stay and health; new amicable friends wanting me to try everything and strangers helping me out with the navigation” ~ Yakuza



With the super wonderful family who hosted me for 2 nights in #Luxembourg. They were kind enough to even give me the spare key with access to the entire house. Things like these don’t happen everyday” ~ Yakuza


Yakuza with a family in Luxembourg

“What happens when your credit card gets blocked for no reason, and your travel card stops working in a foreign land? A kind old man comes and says “Follow me” and offers you a beer, good conversation and 20 Euros.” ~ Yakuza #Germany


“After the old wise man left, I took his precious 20 Euros to a hotdog restaurant to buy myself dinner. That’s when I bump into this insanely cool girl, who jumps out of her deep black Ducati 620cc and rushed into the place where I was standing and says “Me and my boyfriend can host you if you don’t have a place to crash since you’re traveling and you’re in a deep shit right now.” “Sure. Why not!” ~ Yakuza #Germany


Yakuza with the cool couple – who offered him a place to stay in Germany.


 He was last spotted in Switzerland 🙂


Check out his wonderful experience through his video below 

All Image Source: Yakuza’s FaceBook Page. Follow his page for more updates!

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