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Introducing ‘The Daughters’ : Affordable Fashion Brand from Nagaland

Our discoveries of various creative minds from the state of Nagaland never cease to amaze us. Apart from being rich in culture, cuisine, heritage, folklore, and ethnicity, the Nagas have been taking the fashion industry by storm for quite some time now. Many young designers and fashion initiators are going official and showcasing their talent every year.

Today, we introduce you to two young beautiful young women entrepreneurs – Ari and Vitsi – who began humbly and went on to establish a brand new fashion label ‘The Daughters’ last month.

RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (1)

Founders of ‘The Daughters’ : Ari (Left) and Vitsi (Right)

The duo has received plenty of appreciation and love post the launch. So, without further ado, let’s have a quick look at their brand-new fashion journey:

  •   Introduction to the founders of ‘The Daughters’

The Daughters’ was founded by two cousins – Arinaro Longkumer and Vitsino Peseyie. Vitsino did a course in Fashion Design and Merchandizing from International Polytechnic for Women, Delhi. She interned under star designer Atsu Sekhose at Delhi and is currently based in Dimapur. Arinaro completed her undergrad from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. She was the founder of Chica, an online clothing store but she eventually called it quits to intern with Pernia Qureshi (Founder of Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop) at Delhi.  Arinaro is currently based in Kohima.

RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (2)

Dress (Priced at ₹1100) from the first collection of ‘The Daughters’

  • What motivated the coming together of a brand like ‘The Daughters”?

We began with an experimental project and would like to keep it (simple) that way. ‘The Daughters’ as a brand came to light on the 3rd of December, 2016 and is based out of Nagaland. We are aware of the fact that there is no dearth of shopping options for women in India today – especially when it comes to apparels – where every day sees the launch of a new online shop. However, we still see a huge opportunity in gathering to individuals looking for something exclusive, non-mass and affordable.

‘The Daughters’ provides exclusivity through its intricate single-piece designs with an old-world fashion charm. Our goal is to provide an exclusive option to individuals – who are looking for something unique, exclusive and yet affordable. We’ve kept our first collection very simple – with minimal designs and neutral colors – all priced between Rs 1100 and Rs.1800.”

RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (4)

Pant & Off-shoulder top (Priced at ₹1500) from the first collection of ‘The Daughters’

  • What ignited the spark to start a new business venture in fashion?

We have been dreaming about starting a fashion project for a very long time. ‘The Daughter’s is the culmination of a dream to not necessarily make a desperate fashion statement, but to create a platform to express creativity and passion – in a very honest way. That is our sole motivation behind this project of ours – and let’s see where it goes from here (*Smiles*)

RootsandLeisure_theDaughters (3)

Pant & top set (Priced at ₹1800) from the first collection of ‘The Daughters’

  • What differentiates ‘The Daughters’ from other brands in the market today?

The core idea was to create a clothing line that women can wear on a daily basis. In fact, one of our early customers had said that she can wear our clothes to a formal event (work/church) and to a club as well – with equal amount of sass and class. We thought that was super positive and really hope that ‘The Daughters’ is on the right track.

Skirt and off-shoulder tunic set (Priced at ₹1800) from the first collection of ‘The Daughters’

  • How can we get our hands on these gorgeous collection from ‘The Daughters’?

We retail online via Facebook and Instagram and wish to keep it this way – atleast for now.

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