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This Awesome Canadian Couple Visited Nagaland – and Loved It!

Oh no, it’s Monday again. Not looking forward to go to work? Tired of waiting for your vacation plans to work out? On most bad days, most of us can’t deny the thought of quitting our jobs to go travel the world – you know . . . to live a little  🙂 Well, we bumped into a beautiful, adventurous couple in Nagaland who are doing just that and loving every bit of it! Wanna know how they do it? Read on.

Meet Nathan and Danica Reid, a Canadian couple who run the YouTube channel
The Ticket to Travel. The Reids are currently based out of Nepal and have lived there since 2014. This is their story.


  • What’s ‘The Ticket to Travel’ all about? 

As young, enthusiastic people we both had experience in different kinds of jobs before we decided to move to Nepal. We could have taken up jobs here too, but because we had experienced travel quite extensively in our past, we thought, “Why don’t we share our adventures with rest of the world and get paid for it?” Our YouTube channel is now our sole means of income that supports our life abroad and our travel.

“Our channel is an effort to stay away from an ordinary life, learn a lot from our travels, or if we end up where everyone else goes, achieving something extraordinary. Our catch phrase is ‘Doing Out of the Ordinary Things in Out of the Way Places’. Our travels have opened up our thinking to embrace the human race, and open our eyes to new perspectives of looking at our world. We try to experience what locals do, what they eat and understand how they feel instead of being just a tourist- an outsider who makes observations from afar.”

  • How did you guys end up in Nagaland?

Our recent 72-day trip to India brought us closer to a lot of places that were less travelled. It introduced us to cultures that we were unaware of especially in the North Eastern region. We didn’t regret it. It was an awesome experience.

  • What are your future plans for your channel?

Right now we are foraying into our first attempt at making daily videos. We learned a lot during our India trip. We have decided to do things differently in the future to keep quality above quantity. We’re still cutting our path for ourselves as far as YouTube as a platform is considered. We realise that our channel cannot have content like everyone else because there is a lot of content out there. So, having an identity is very important.

R&L checked out their channel – and they have an interesting collection of videos! We handpicked one of our favorites about their visit to War Cemetery in Kohima – which is a memorial dedicated to soldiers who died fighting in the World War II (Battle of Kohima).

PHOTO COURTESY : Nathan and Danica Reid

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