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Meet Abhilash Baishya – 20 Year old Photographer from Assam

RootsandLeisure_AbhilashBaishya (2)

View from the Cherrapunji view point, taken on a summer morning.

Photography. Is it an art or a science? I guess most would agree that it is a bit of both. Taking a good photograph involves a lot of technical skills and knowing your instrument. It is indeed a subject of science. But more young people are taking up photography with ever-growing zeal, using it as a medium to express their creativity through the camera lens. Whether it is about evoking an emotion in one’s audience, conveying a message, or capturing the essence of a place, person or a thing, photography has come a long way to evolve into a form of self-expression for many.

We at R&L continuously strive to reach out to people who are passionately involved in bringing out the art of the sciences. Photography is one such art that does it beautifully.

Meet Abhilash Baishya from Assam –  a 20 year-old photographer cum filmmaker, who is ardently using photography to capture memories of people, places, emotions and adventures among other things.


Photo: Abhilash Baishya

Baishya likes clicking evocative photos and creating informative travel videos and vlogs on YouTube. His enthusiasm for taking pictures began at a very young age, thanks to his father. “It all began with a Canon point and shoot,” he says. “My father bought me a Powershot A480 when I was in 9th standard. I started out by clicking mostly random pictures with it until I bought my first DSLR after my 10th boards and have never stopped since then.”

Abhilash draws inspiration from award-winning photojournalist, Steve McCurry and American YouTube personality, Casey Neistat.

A kid monk of rumtek monastery in gangtok | Photo by Abhilash

It’s not an easy task to remain consistent with your art form, so focus and constant practice are key. “I’ve made it a point to go out at least once every week to get some pictures or a nice video footage,” he said. “Mostly I keep creating stuff for my YouTube channel but I do take up commissioned projects. I am usually busy shooting for music bands, creating music videos, creating video montages for brands, and other stuff like that.

“Abhilash aims to study filmmaking in the near future.”I just want to create visual content for the rest of my life. It could be a film, a travelogue, a documentary, anything really. I would also like to travel as much as I possibly can, and film our beautiful world.” 

Check out some of Abhilash’s work below –

RootsandLeisure_AbhilashBaishya (6)

View from the Cherrapunji view point, taken on a summer morning | Photo by Abhilash

RootsandLeisure_AbhilashBaishya (1)

An evening at Janpath market, New Delhi.

RootsandLeisure_AbhilashBaishya (4)

A cloudy night in Shillong. Shot around 9 pm IST

RootsandLeisure_AbhilashBaishya (3)

Albert hall in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

  • What is your message to young people like you – who are passionate about photography?

“Give all your heart and soul into whatever it is that you’re doing and you’ll be fine. Most importantly do not compare yourself with anyone else. Art is very subjective, so just keep doing your thing.”

Check out more from his portfolio on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


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