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RECIPE | Ksh Donny from Manipur Makes Japanese Onigirazu and Korean Kimbap using Local Black Rice

Today, we have food blogger Ksh Donny from Manipur show us how to make the famous Japanese Onigirazu (rice sandwich) and Korean Kimbap using the famed Manipuri black rice. A passionate foodie, Donny loves experimenting with food whenever she gets any free time. Through these recipes, she shares how different cultures come together for the love of rice – and how each has their own version of a rice snack. So let’s find out how to make them! Note from Donny: “For the fillings, I have used both chicken sausage and tuna because these are my favorites, but you can use any filling you like; vegetarians can totally remove the meats – it’ll still be a healthy tasty treat.“ Food blogger from Manipur, Ksh Donny shares her version of Japanese Onigirazu and Korean Kimbap Using Local Black Rice. Ingredients : 3-4 sheets of Seaweed 250 gms Black rice 2 tbsp Sesame Oil 5-6 Eggs 2 Cucumbers 3-4 Carrots 10-12 slices of Radish Pickle 4-5 Chicken sausage 1 can of Tuna (~250 gm) Salt to taste Preparing the Ingredients: …


“I am Often Intrigued by Stories Behind The Face of a Stranger – A Vague Glimpse of Which, is Often Shared Through a Glowing Eye” ~ Helivi Zhimomi

“I had almost forgotten about this photo.. came across it one day as I was clearing space in my camera. Just looking at the photo gave me so much peace – and my mind wandered to the place and time I took this photo. I vividly remember that moment – a passing moment while impatiently waiting for our cab to get through the toll gate on highway 55. It was in the evening hours … right before the afterglow; I have a loud ecstatic memory of the sunset glimmering behind as I traversed a straight road with fading music in the background. We stopped at one of the many toll gates on the highway. That’s when I saw this lady selling some local condiment (peanuts?) to people plying that highway. That moment. I took out my camera to capture her . . . with no particular reason. Maybe the same reason why my gallery is flooded with unfamiliar sights, documenting not the loud, but the silent details that catch my thoughts. When I saw her …


“I Want to Put North East India on The Global Fashion Map” – Fashion Designer Reena Ahanthem from Manipur Talks About Her Fashion Aspirations and Next Moves

Fashion and North East India found each other as though they were always meant to be. Folks from this region and their aesthetics have pretty much guided the fashion direction of the country. With colorful cultures and customs that foster the revival of trends from the past – that are constantly being recycled by the young trendsetters to ensure that design influences from this region stay in vogue for a long long time – and into the future. Fashion designer Reena Ahanthem from Manipur is an exemplary figure whose own style and work seek to revive and reinvent traditional wear from North East India – and manages to put keep them fashionable even in modern times. Born with a natural taste for fashion, she decides to pursue her passion by joining a fashion school, and later teaming up with a friend to start their fashion label “Deepankshi and Reena.” After running the label for almost a decade and dressing many celebrities with their creations, Reena is nor ready to move forward with her own individual …


Meet Kezhongol Peter Viswentso – A Digital Artist From Nagaland Who Creates Awesome Artwork Inspired By His Naga Roots

“It is important to express oneself… Provided the feelings are real and are taken from your own experience.” – Berthe Morisot We are always happy to feature young, talented people in our blog, and writing their stories always inpires us. Today, we found someone very hard working and passionate about achieving his dreams, meet Kezhongol who wishes to inspire people through his artworks by creating stories which could literally bring imagination to life. His creative work  also reminds us about the rich culture and beautiful tradition of the Naga society. We had a chat with the very skillful traditional and digital artist Kezhongol Peter Viswentso from Nagaland. He talks about how art has been a part of him since his childhood days and he has no regrets over pursuing Animation as he grew up. Hello there, introduce a little bit about yourself. Hello R&L! My name is Kezhongol Viswentso (also goes with Peter), age 25 and currently staying in Bangalore, India. Originally, I am from Jakhama – Kohima, Nagaland – where I finished my schooling and …


“Travelling Is Like A Soul Searching For Me And It’s Addictive” – Syria Chongtham Monnin From Manipur Talks About Her Travel Adventures Around The World

“Traveling is one of the easiest ways to become aware of the magic that weaves all of creation together through serendipity and synchronicity with perfect timing.” – Adam Siddiq Life is a wonderful gift. As we travel, we are exposed to new places, cultures and we’re also opened to new insights, ways of seeing the world and living, this often leave us overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all the beautiful moments we enjoyed. Syria, a globetrotter takes every opportunity to stay positive in life, even when she goes through the most difficult heart break. She has learned that there is so much more to life through travelling around the world. Today, we had a chat with Syria Chontham Monnin, a travel enthusiast from Manipur who is now settled in Everly, ill-De-France with her husband. She talks about how travelling have influenced on her personally, during her ups and downs in life. Also, she has leave some important tips for our readers so let’s find out everything below.. Introduce a little about yourself. My name is Syria Chongtham Monnin, 29, …


“We Hope People Take Away Imagery of Emotions, Peace of Mind and Hope Through Our Music” – A Chat With Indie Artist Subhadra Kamath of ‘The Yellow Bucket’ from Delhi

Another musical gem from Delhi chats with R&L to take us into the widely spreading world of the indie music scene in the country. Today we have Subhadra Kamath, a singer-songwriter, bassist and main vocalist of “The Yellow Bucket” from Delhi. She has been singing from a very young age and grew up surrounded by music lovers. She credits her very supportive family, who has given her space and the confidence to pursue her passion for music. She is also a theatre artist and a music teacher “I also teach music and am deeply interested in learning how to use the arts as a means for self-expression and healing.” Let’s get to know the very fascinating musician and artist Subhadra and her various interests over a quick chat! We chat with the very talented musician Subhadra Kamath as she shares about her indie band “The Yellow Bucket” – an electro-acoustic band from Delhi. Read on to know more about her, the band and their music. Hi Subhadra, so nice to have you with us today! Please introduce …


#RECIPE | Local Chicken Dish With Sun Dried Bambooshoot By Inali Jane Ayemi From Nagaland

Today’s recipe is a Local Chicken dish cooked with sun dried bamboo shoot, contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi from Nagaland. A home based baker, dessert caterer and an amazing cook, she has been generous enough to R&L by sharing her food recipes for the third time, today. So without any further delay, let’s find out how she has prepared yet another amazing version of her dish.. Local Chicken cooked with Sun dried bamboo shoot is a delicious dry dish contributed by Inali Jane Ayemi, a food blogger and an amazing cook from Nagaland. Ingredients : 1 whole Local Chicken A handful of sun dried Bamboo shoot (not the shredded brown ones we get in the market) Onion (3), Garlic (1 bulb), Ginger (an inch long) Tomatoes (3 medium sized fully riped) Chilli powder (1 tbsp) Culantros (5-6 leaves) A handful of Chives Sesame Oil (1 tbsp) Salt to taste Preparation of the dish : Fry the onion, garlic and ginger Once the onions are translucent, add chopped tomatoes Add the sundried bamboo shoot (after boiling …


FACES | “It Was My First Snow Experience So I Was Very Excited And As Expected, It Was Amazing” – Judy From Mizoram Goes On A Trip To Sikkim

“I took a trip to Sikkim with my college classmates on the 6th of December, 2018 to get a glimpse of the snow. It was my first snow experience so I was very excited and as expected, it was amazing. I will forever cherish the memories I had.” “This picture was taken at Tsongmo lake, also known as Changu lake situated in the East Sikkim District of the northeast India. We took a ride in the ropeway and the peak was much colder, yet the over all experience was amazing. Despite the freezing weather, there were a lot of visitors and to find people selling maggi made us really happy. It seemed to taste much better that day hehe..” Judy from Mizoram goes on a trip to Tsongmo Lake aka Changu Lake in Sikkim with her college mates.

rootsandleisure_apurva lama_yoga

“Yoga Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety and Stress” | A Chat With The Blissfully Fit Yogini – Apurva Lama from Darjeeling

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy A new year is already here – and resolutions or not, nothing like a healthy bend of mind to get a good head start. And to motivate us all, we have with us Apurva Lama – our super fit and passionate yogi from Darjeeling. This 29-year-old has had quite a ride – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. We chat with Apurva Lama from Darjeeling – passionate yogini and yoga teacher from Darjeeling. We talk about her journey so far – from being a journalist, an editor for an online magazine and launching her own clothing line ‘Appycat’, to now embarking on a new path as a yoga teacher. Read on to know more about Apurva – and her journey from stressed to blissfully …


“Our Songs are Inspired By Our Real-Life Experiences – and Sometimes from Our Imagined Reality” – Meet Indie Band “Jenny and the Cinematics” from Mizoram

  Raise your hands if you have already been introduced to the unique local musical talents from Mizoram – and is already a fan. One right here! A thing that we really admire about musicians from Mizoram is the way they tastefully mix their local dialects with the most trending tempo and mood. This, we think, is what makes their music stand out from the crowd – and at the same time, makes them even more relatable. Today, we have the charismatic duo: Jajah Fanai and Naom Chhangte from the Indie band “Jenny and the Cinematics” from Aizawl, Mizoram. Dreamy and pleasing as their music, the duo is here to introduce us to their music and give us a taste of their latest music video “I Sulhnu” and more. “The name ‘Jenny and the Cinematics’ is our version of “Alice in Wonderland.” Here, a small town kid (Jenny) goes to the cinema for the first time and is left in awe and fascination by this cinematic experience of hers.” Meet band members Jajah Fanai and Naom Chhangte from the …