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Introducing a Rising Singer, Temsukala Lemtur from Nagaland

They say, ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’. And indeed, our dreams are often the voices of our hearts. Today, we have a really inspiring young lady, Temsukala, who followed the voices in her head to create music. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her music truly comes from her heart! Temsukala Lemtur, with her new single “Confessions of a bipolar mind”, is here with us today. Scroll down to know more about this enigmatic woman! 

We had a chat with Temsukala Lemtur, artist from Nagaland. She sings, writes songs and shares details about her recent release, “Confessions of a Bipolar Mind”


Photo : Temsukala Lemtur, artist from Nagaland

  • Hello there Temsu, please give us a little introduction of yourself!

My name is Temsukala Lemtur from Nagaland. I usually introduce myself to people as Temsu. Unless they are like “Hey Clover!” Then I am like “Hey what’s up?”. That’s a reference to my IG handle, @clovertemsu. I recently graduated with a degree in agriculture from Dehradun and I plan to study further while focusing on my music as well. I don’t intend to make singing as my career but if life takes me there then I am definitely taking that ticket home with me!

  • Tell us what got you into music?

What I feel is that every artist starts with a definite background. The same passion and under the same influence by elder musicians. Nagas have definitely inherited music from ancestors, just like I have inherited it from my parents. My mom was a singer and dad, a big fan of MLTR and the eagles. I grew up singing and listening to them. And little by little, I found my own way, I guess.

  • Your favourite bands or artists that may have inspired you.

I am a total band geek. I have a ton of favourites but if I were to pick a few out of the hundreds, it would be Phum Viphurit, Hippo Campus, Nothing but thieves, Kurosuke, John Mayer, Bruno Major and James Bay. They inspire me to make and write music. And if I were to choose a few from the locals, it’s gonna be Avora records, Polar lights and Mad as March. They make really cool music.

Temsukala Lemtur with her ukelele


Temsukala Lemtur with her ukelele

  • Can you share your journey as a singer-songwriter?

It’s really awkward when I get labelled as a ‘singer’ or a ‘songwriter’. I mean I don’t really consider myself as one because I am just a new face but yes, I have been singing and writing for quite a while now. Starting from the bathroom to church programs and then later, at small gigs.
The first song that I wrote was way back in the 11th grade. The first few songs were pretty shitty (laughs) and I guess I kinda grew from that. Learning to be better and create what I want to express. My journey has just started.

  • Your dream for the future?

I don’t like being way too ambitious. But yes, I do want to make it out there and let the people enjoy my music rather than keeping them piled up in my drawers. I want to be around other musicians, because being an artist or a singer isn’t just about performing and singing. Rather for me, I live for the free VIP concert tickets, dancing at the audience polls and getting opportunities to hang out with fellow musicians and talk about our passion for music. Now that sounds like a pretty good life to me!

  • What is the message you want to spread through your new song?

My song ‘Confessions of a Bipolar Mind’ talks about being in an unhealthy state of mind. We live in a generation where people are depressed and most of us don’t talk about the things that go on inside our minds. It is to control our emotions and feelings when we are depressed. I kinda depicted that in my lyrics and the things we actually try to do to get away from them. And through this song, I wanted to give my fellow beings some kind of comfort by letting them know that they are going to be okay and that a little bit of positivity can radiate a better path.

Temsukala’s one of her hobbies besides music include reading books


Temsukala’s one of her hobbies besides music include reading books

  • A little back story about the song?

I remember I was in bed in my hostel bed playing my ukulele. I was kind of depressed at that time and felt like listening to a song but I couldn’t comprehend what song I wanted to listen to. I just couldn’t find it. Like you are in a party and you can’t find that right song to dance to? It was all haywire from that. I strung a couple of chords and put my sanity out on paper. Thus, ‘Confessions of a Bipolar Mind’ was born.

  • Your personal message to the people?

“Hey you sapien. I know it’s been a long day, a long week, a very long era of life but you are doing great! The days you wished for are coming. But for now, have this virtual cookie.”

  • Apart from singing and songwriting, what are the other hobbies that you have?

I am either binge-watching a series or reading a book. And most probably, goofy dancing in front of the mirror.

  • Any new songs coming up in the future?

That is the goal. I want to keep making music for myself and for everyone. And yes, definitely releasing more songs soon. Fingers crossed!

To know more about Temsukala Lemtur, follow her on Instagram! Here’s her original “Confessions of a Bipolar mind”. Enjoy!

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