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Meet the most talented photographers from the Northeast of India


Capturing The Unique Story of Two Souls | Photographer Manoj Sagolsem

Returning with the follow-up series of wedding photographers, today we feature another passionate photographer from Manipur who took years to pursue his passion, constantly on the path of learning, now stands as an inspiration. Wedding photography being one among his photo genres, he believes wedding is an unique story of two people and is delighted to have the opportunity to capture it. Born in Wangoi, Imphal and educated at St. Anthony’s School Shillong, Manoj Sagolsem graduated from Delhi University and went on to work in a corporate company for eight years in the capital until one day he decided to drop everything for the passion of photography and move to Dimapur. Abstract expressions on faces and abstract emotions in the soul attract and inspire this photographer to document and compile his images. When did you start taking pictures?  One fine day I decided quit my job all for the sake of my passion for photography. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.  My family and friends thought I was insane. At one point, I had …


I Saved Up To Buy My First Camera | Wedding Photographer – Thangminlun Tonsing

Thangminlun Tonsing is a self trained wedding photographer from Lamka, Churachandpur, Manipur. When he realized that he was stuck in a boring job where he saw no future, he saved up and bought a camera and thus began his journey. He has made endless pursuance of techniques and education in the field to perfect his art – and continues to do so passionately. Hi Thangminlun! Tell us something about your interest for photography. How did it all start? I vividly recall the time when I was working at a call centre and couldn’t afford a DSLR. So I decided on starting to save a little and meanwhile played around with a Sony cybershot camera and experimenting. Later, when the interest in grew,  I decided to take it to a little serious level, and purchased a bridge camera with my savings. It was a Fuji film S2950. That was the day, I started capturing almost everything around me. The excitement of being able to frame moments and expressions into something that was real but created by …


Meet This Talented 18 Year Old Freestyle Photographer from Manipur | Goutam Raj Thoudam

  By capturing tiny specks of time and space and holding them still within his frame, a great photographer helps us explore the totality of our world, such that we never see it in the same way again. Thanks to picture-heavy sites like Instagram, today photography has become a global racket of freeze-frames. Millions of pictures are created every second and everyone enjoys being a subject. One cannot help but wonder, how, in this quasi-egalitarian world of millions of images, do today’s photographers continue to stand out. Hobbyist photographer Goutam Raj doesn’t find it difficult at all! Say hi to 18 year old freestyle photographer, Goutam Raj Thoudam from Imphal, Manipur. Currently a student in 12th standard, this kid is passionate about photography and has already gathered admirers from across the borders. How did photography turn into a serious hobby for you? I got interested in photography about four years ago. My dad bought a Canon 60D camera for his use. The camera sparked an interest in me and I couldn’t resist trying my hands at it. …


Portraits and Weddings | Photographer Atsen Murry of Pixel Stories, Shares His Story.

Though a lot of photographers seek to bring a soft touch to weddings through their work, Atsen Murry takes his clients’ most celebrated moments to another level. Very few artists provide quite the insider’s view through photos as beautifully as Atsen Murry – the photographer behind ‘Pixel Stories’. Murry’s Pixel Stories is a collection of photographs of ordinary people looking extraordinarily beautiful. Given his popularity, we wanted to learn more about the technique that makes it happen. Thankfully, we recently had the opportunity to ask Atsen a few questions about his work and what makes him tick. How did photography happen to you? I spent the first 15 years of my life in Nagaland. I have always had the bent of mind and cravings of an artist. In the beginning, I found a creative outlet in music, especially in composing tunes. I am still into compositions – sometimes with musical notes, and at other times with light. I did try out some conventional pursuits because of social pressure, like getting done with my pre-university degree in science from …


Na Lemtur – Nagaland’s Hottest Fashion Photographer Right Now

We chatted up Temsuna Lemtur (aka Na Lemtur) who is currently creating rifts in Dimapur, Nagaland with her fashion photography. Lemtur decided to gain a better insight into photography after leaving Delhi, where she worked as a freelancer for a while. Almost at the same time her younger brother Moanungsang Lemtur aka Shinobi (who we covered a short while ago) was finding a footing in the creative design arena. #ArtistSiblings for the win! Na Lemtur’s creative journey since then has taken her places and to newer heights. Here’s presenting the pretty and very talented, Na Lemtur. Why did you choose photography as a career option? Photography just happened to me and I went with the flow. There definitely wasn’t a “eureka” moment as such but my interest in photography developed alongside my growing interest in fashion. I began it as a hobby with a Yashica compact digital camera and I remember being fascinated by a photograph’s capacity to suggest my subjects’ personality and bring out the life within them for everyone to view. That’s how I …


Meet Hopong – The Photographer Behind the Exclusive Cosfest Photos

Meet Hopong Chang – the guy whose coverage of the wonderful Cosfest that was held last week in Nagaland has brought the event tons of publicity. We caught up with Chang to find out more about his work. “I am actually not a full time photographer. I work for the forest department here in Nagaland but I try to find time for my hobby. Ever since I was a kid, I walked around with a camera and shooting subjects that were intriguing to me. But I started taking it more seriously only in 2013 – that was when I bought my first DSLR camera. People inspire me. So shooting portraits, weddings and a little bit of fashion photography comes natural to me.” Nagaland Anime Junkies (NAJ)4th Annual Cosfest July 2016, Kohima | Cosplay-Ciel &Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) Cosplayers-Meyidem Yaden& Tiajungla Here are a few more pics from Hopong’s fashion and wedding photography portfolio:         

RootsandLeisure_Weku Kapfo

Photography by Weku Kapfo

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Emotions like sadness, happiness, loneliness . .  . are a daily affair but we cannot always express them. Meet Weku Kapfo, who has a knack for capturing the beauty of day to day affairs. His photographs are very honest and pure. Look at his photographs and you will instantly feel the emotions echoing through the image – be it a lone tree or a happily married couple.   Kapfo has a degree in Psychology and now he is pursuing photography full time. A photo posted by Weku Kapfo (@kapfo_visualarts) on May 6, 2016 at 7:05am PDT Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, talks about having to choose between two roads without knowing what lies ahead of it. Kapfo’s journey to achieve what he has today teaches us something similar – that there may be times when we take a few wrong turns but it’s never too late to turn back and follow what you love. Say hi to Weku Kapfo. Tell us a bit about yourself. Well, I …


Wedding Photographers from Nagaland | J&I Studio

The generation that we are today is full of misplaced people –  an engineer who loved painting, a doctor who wanted to write travelling the world, a government servant who was a brilliant singer back in school. No wonder we live in a place where most people are not happy with their jobs : wrong people  – wrong jobs – passionless people. While many of us want a change , only an exceptional few actually go ahead and pursue their passion. Not only are these people truly passionate but also brave – brave enough to have taken on a journey where nothing is certain. In the end these are the fortunate ones who arrive at a place where they are not only happy, but also get the chance to make an impact – and live a much more meaningful life. I caught up with two passionate and super talented individuals – John and Iliangna, co-founders of J&I (Photography) Studio in Dimapur, Nagaland. What made you decide on starting the studio? We were both shooting professionally on our own as …


Awono Ezung from Nagaland is a Photographer Whose Every Photo Appears to Tell a Beautiful Story

Meet Awono from Chumukedima in Dimapur Nagaland –  a self confessed “old homebody” who is blissfully using up her time as a photographer cum storyteller, and a pet caretaker. We met up with her over tea and after slowly and wonderfully we saw a lot of her personal work unfold over the conversation – which until then, were sitting precariously on her laptop and an old photo case. Just a tad bit too shy but finally she agreed for an interview with Roots & Leisure.  “I’m kind of in-between being a professional and a hobbyist.” What is your style of photography? I am more into portraiture and prefer working in natural light.I like taking pictures of friends and my sister. They understand how I work so it’s a little less headache for me. I still shoot with films (analog). I would love work with films as much as possible but these days it’s not easy finding film rolls in Nagaland. And there is probably only a handful of shops that develop them. Of course, there are digital works too. …