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Na Lemtur – Nagaland’s Hottest Fashion Photographer Right Now


We chatted up Temsuna Lemtur (aka Na Lemtur) who is currently creating rifts in Dimapur, Nagaland with her fashion photography. Lemtur decided to gain a better insight into photography after leaving Delhi, where she worked as a freelancer for a while. Almost at the same time her younger brother Moanungsang Lemtur aka Shinobi (who we covered a short while ago) was finding a footing in the creative design arena. #ArtistSiblings for the win! Na Lemtur’s creative journey since then has taken her places and to newer heights. Here’s presenting the pretty and very talented, Na Lemtur.

  • Why did you choose photography as a career option?

Photography just happened to me and I went with the flow. There definitely wasn’t a “eureka” moment as such but my interest in photography developed alongside my growing interest in fashion. I began it as a hobby with a Yashica compact digital camera and I remember being fascinated by a photograph’s capacity to suggest my subjects’ personality and bring out the life within them for everyone to view. That’s how I found inspiration in making photographs that see more than what meets the eye.

  • What kind of projects do you find the most interesting?

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work with some top-notch models and clothing brands. I’ve collaborated with bloggers, designers and have also shot a handful of weddings. I enjoy working best for clients who understand my work ethics and give me the space and freedom to create. My journey as a photographer has transitioned from experimenting to working commercially and over the years I’ve realized I am the happiest while working on my personal creative series.

Na Lemtur has an uncanny knack to bring out the soul of fashion brands through her work

rootsandleisure_nalemtur1 rootsandleisure_nalemtur2 rootsandleisure_nalemtur3

Some of her stunning model portfolios.

Where fashion brands and beauty collide to form an inevitable bond.


With the Wedding Season in the horizon, Lemtur is headed for a busy schedule the next few months.

_mg_9001 RootsandLeisure_Wedding photo

  • Do you have any new projects coming up?

I’ve started working on this series which I fondly call “Songs of September”. I started working on this project in the mid of 2014 solely to celebrate the goodness and beauty of the women in my life. It is a series of black and white portraits of everyday women living their most surreal moments in front of my camera lens. My philosophy involves taking real photos. Photos that involves flaws and shortcomings and not plain, beautified perfection. I always felt black and white pictures give an honest and raw feel to a photo and allow us to wander beyond the obvious. It pushes us to delve into the emotions and aesthetics of what’s in the frame. That’s something I’ve been trying to find and create in my own work a lot lately. Showing my work in this panoramic format has been a fun way of exploring more about myself and discovering art in everyday form.

‘Songs of September’ – a Personal Project_mg_8759-copy img_3712  img_0230-copy


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