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Meet This Talented 18 Year Old Freestyle Photographer from Manipur | Goutam Raj Thoudam


By capturing tiny specks of time and space and holding them still within his frame, a great photographer helps us explore the totality of our world, such that we never see it in the same way again. Thanks to picture-heavy sites like Instagram, today photography has become a global racket of freeze-frames. Millions of pictures are created every second and everyone enjoys being a subject. One cannot help but wonder, how, in this quasi-egalitarian world of millions of images, do today’s photographers continue to stand out. Hobbyist photographer Goutam Raj doesn’t find it difficult at all!

Say hi to 18 year old freestyle photographer, Goutam Raj Thoudam from Imphal, Manipur. Currently a student in 12th standard, this kid is passionate about photography and has already gathered admirers from across the borders.


Photo | Goutam Raj Thoudam – 18, Freestyle Photographer from Imphal

  • How did photography turn into a serious hobby for you?

I got interested in photography about four years ago. My dad bought a Canon 60D camera for his use. The camera sparked an interest in me and I couldn’t resist trying my hands at it. I started capturing landscapes and shooting portraits of my friends and relatives. This tiny interest spurred on to grow to a passion with a lot of support from my friends and most importantly, my sister. Although it is just a hobby for now, I plan to take a professional course in photography after I’ll be done with schooling this year.

  • Who/What are your sources of inspiration?

I’m a self-taught photographer. My inspiration comes from other talented photographers who I deeply admire and follow over various social media platforms. But I’m most inspired by my dad who has lived an epic life as a photographer and filmmaker.

“To me, photography is all about capturing and telling stories in the most expressive and beautiful way.”


Beautiful Landscape Shot by @raj_thwdam


  • Most of your pictures are beautiful natural landscapes. Was it a conscious decision to stick with this genre?

To me, photography is all about capturing and telling stories in the most expressive and beautiful way. For that reason, I’m happy and feel extremely lucky that I live in Manipur, a place that bears various people and different cultures and religions living in peace and harmony. Right now I don’t limit myself by shooting for a specific genre of photography. For now, I seem to take interest in shooting landscapes and environmental portraits. My love for traveling adds a different flavor to it.


Shy kids giggling in front of the camera | Photo @raj_thwdam


Portrait by Goutam Raj | Photo @raj_thwdam

  • What are your experimentation styles?

I love experimenting with the subject in every way possible. I also have a deep love for post processing. That’s a bit controversial in the world of photography. But I love working with an image and processing it to take it to an extreme end just to witness what new comes out of it.


Happy girls brightening up the road with their colorful attires and joyful hearts | Photo @raj_thwdam


Beautiful girl in the midst of breathtaking scenery | Photo @raj_thwdam

  • What next? Are you planning on anything new?

I’m taking up big self- portrait related photography project pretty soon. Everything is under wraps for now. Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out more.

  • Lot of young people like you are taking up photography, as a serious hobby. What do you have to say to that?

All I would say is, the more the merrier as photography is a great way of connecting with people through a visual medium – a language that can be understood all over the world. Let us strive to get inspired and inspire others.

To serve as a reminder for all of us to slow down a bit, and enjoy the beautiful world around us, follow this 18 year old’s photography on Facebook and Instagram.


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