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We Found the Instagram Page You Fashonistas were Looking For!

RootsandLeisure_NagaSStreetStyle Duo

The sister duo behind Nagas Street Style. : Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar (in black and her cute kids!) and Kuku Lungalang (in beige dress)

Don’t we all love fashion icons? And we can’t help keep looking for that little bit of fashion inspiration on the internet every now and then. Naturally, when we stumbled upon a treasure of an Instagram account (@nagasstreetstyle) we figured we must share it with you! Why? Because this page’s feed takes that natural curiosity a step further by capturing the divas that walk our very own streets and features them on its feed.

@nagasstreetstyle is a favorite among its young fan following for its creators’ love for fashion and an extremely good sense of style. Meet the sisters – Kuku Lungalang and Lungzeu Lungalang Longchar – from Nagaland who are the masterminds behind our current favorite Instagram page. “We’ve always wanted to start a blog, but it never quite kicked off so we decided to start an Instagram account instead. We started posting pics of people whose style we dug when we met them on the streets. We were pleasantly surprised when our page started growing rapidly at the rate of more than a hundred followers per day. Also, brands started showing interest in collaborating with us.”

“With almost 20k followers right now, we decided to start posting original content. The NAJ Cosfest 2016, which was held in Kohima, was our first event where we scouted for live street style. We decided to caption our Facebook album on the event “Anime characters cosplay, while mortals do street style” because we loved the kind of outfits that young people wore to the event. The event really was so much more than just cosplaying. We enjoyed clicking pictures of the latest fashion fads. From Adidas NMDs to Yeezys to space buns and robot bags, they were all there. We hope to cover more such events and continue to click gorgeous people and their outfits on the street.”



Spotted: Cute Face


Standing Out in the Crowd


So Much Fashion in One Frame!


Tokyo Fashion!


Accentuating Cuteness with that Bag!


Micro Fashion : These Kids Start Early

A few more treasure picks for those of you who have a shoe fetish. Scroll down and enjoy!


These young lads have a pretty good taste for shoes!


Spotted : Fashionista with a Yeezy


You never go wrong with Gladiator sandals!

“Our aesthetic choice is to be minimal with hints of girly and edgy all rolled into one. We don’t want to compartmentalize our page into just one genre of style and cater to all types of styles. We love the girly, edgy, funky, cool, androgynous, minimalist and every other kind of genre because they all rock when worn with confidence and style.


Cute Techno Fashion

And we couldn’t leave without including a last one of Lungzeu with her incredibly cute daughter! Stahp.


“Twinning in our set made out of a curtain” 🙂

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