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Lusano Zakiesato from Nagaland is the Fashion Designer of your Dreams

Lusano of ‘Lusano Designs’ has come a long way since she started her label in 2014. Her first international show, a bridal show, was held in Abu Dhabi in  2016. She was also selected to showcase her designs for IRW India Runway Week season 3 under the IFFD ( Indian Federation of Fashion Design Council). Today we have chat with her to know more about how it all started.

RootsandLeisure_Lusano Zakiesato

Photo : Fashion Designer Lusano Zakiesato

  • R&L: Hi Lusano, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Lusano: Born and brought in Nagaland, I completed my schooling in Delhi and then went on to finish my fashion designing course from INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design), Delhi. After that, I signed up for an additional month of pattern-making course as I am fascinated with how the details of patterns can change the whole garment.

  • R&L: What are the key inspirations behind your designs?

Lusano: I started working on my brand collection (well actually just ‘my collection’ since I didn’t plan on a ‘Brand’ yet ) in my final year at INFID. At that time, my designs were inspired by anything and everything that caught my attention – nothing specific.

I’ve always had a strong love for Indian textiles (from day 1) – and that has played a key role in helping me set the canvas for my designs. Every time I see a new type of textile/pattern (of Indian textile), I would fall in love with it – and that is precisely what I try to re-create in my clothes – my love affair with Indian textiles and patterns. 

  • R&L: How did you go about designing your first collection?

Lusano: By the time I finished my course, I had a collection of about 70 pieces ready. That’s when I thought it would be a good idea to launch my own Label: LUSANO DESIGNS.  It was launched in September 2014 – with a mixed collection of pret Indian, ethnic, and boho.

RootsandLeisure_Lusano Zakiesato

LUSANO DESIGNS | First Collection, 2014

  • R&L: What is the theme behind ‘LUSANO DESIGNS’?

Lusano: Lusano Designs is primarily a women’s clothing label that specializes in contemporary bridal and Indo-western garments. However, I do like to play around with unique themes every now and then, as you can see in my latest collection which was launched in October 2017.

“I want women to love themselves when they wear my design and spread the love!”

I also have a special interest in the making of kaftans and capes. I like to call myself an experimental designer as I love experimenting with different cuts, and drapes and playing with textures. I’m always learning and having fun. The core idea of my design is the fact that I love experimenting with my designs, especially drapings, and textiles. My designs might not always be on trend with every season because I keep changing them but I definitely make sure each design has its own style.

  • R&L: Tell us about your latest collection which was recently launched this Oct of 2017.

Lusano: My latest collection is called ‘the Easy- Breezy’. It’s a collection of ready-to-wear garments. This collection is different from my earlier ones – since this time, the emphasis was on sustainable fashion. I tend to use a lot of embroideries, cut-piece materials of gorgeous colors and various textures (collected mostly from places like export houses), and more add-ons from my odd collection of waste fabrics. The overall theme is resort-friendly wear. Also to keep up with the fast-changing trends – that change every half a season, I designed a  few pieces in such a way that, they can be styled for any season as well.

What I see in these scraps (as they are too small for other uses) is the art and hard work of talented craftsmen and embroiderers that took many hours of labor. That’s why I decided to incorporate them in my new collection, adorning them as beautiful hand-embroidered flowers. This is in line with my focus on sustainable fashion and creating fun and friendly resort wear.

Who wants to strut this ‘Easy-Breezy’ gorgeousness to a Music Festival? 🙂
RootsandLeisure_Lusano Designs1

Easy-Breezy Collection | LUSANO DESIGNS

RootsandLeisure_Lusano Designs1

Easy-Breezy Collection | LUSANO DESIGNS

RootsandLeisure_Lusano Designs1

Easy-Breezy Collection | LUSANO DESIGNS

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Photo : Fashion Designer Lusano Zakiesato

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