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Are You Headed to Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2017 Shillong ?

Folks! It’s time for another music festival in this beautiful part of the country – in the North East of India. Brace yourself for BACARDI NH7 Weekender 2017 – the Shillong edition, to be held on the 27th and 28th Oct. Looks like many of us are headed to “Wenfield, The Festive Hills” – Thadlaskein, Lad Mukhla, in Jaintia Hills – the venue for the happiest music festival!

  • What are our folks saying about the festival?

In order to give you guys a good enough view of the festival – in terms of what to expect, we reached out to a bunch of festival goers, to share their experiences, and how they are planning for this year’s event.

Soyingo Ezung, 27, Entrepreneur | Owner, House of Candy


Photo: Soyingo Ezung (2nd from Right) with his friends

“One of the coolest events to take place in India hands down. Very well organized and very safe event – but nonetheless, be safe and don’t forget to enjoy! Keep a lookout for the local musicians – you will be amazed at all the talent India has – in every corner. 

I have attended the festival twice. Once in Noida to watch Megadeth and then again in 2015 in Shillong to watch Megadeth. I am stoked about Steve Vai coming this year but unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because of tight work schedule.” ~ Soyingo Ezung

Wapangla Imchen, Assistant professor


Photo : Wapangla Imchen

“I attended the first event in 2015. Planning to attend this year if I can work out the dates at my end. I love almost everything about NH7 Weekender –  it is indeed the happiest music Festival in India, hands down!  The ambience, the hip crowd, the various food stalls, the laidback but colourful decor, and especially the underrated artists that gets to perform excites me.

Another thing I also look forward to is, witnessing Indian artists with authentic style of music weaved with beautiful lyrics. Quality music for me goes beyond listening to artists performing cover songs” ~ Wapangla Imchen

Barsha Sarma

“I couldn’t attend the event last year or the year before. But friends and family of mine did, and they loved the whole experience of it all. The music, the people. They wouldn’t shut up about it 😅 This will be my first time attending Weekender. I’m excited to see the artists I love, Steve Vai is someone I consider divine and this is something unbelievable for me, to be given the chance to see Him play.

I’m also excited about Skyharbor, AsWeKeepSearching, Parvaaz, BlackstratBlues. But what I’ve learned is that this event has been a path to discovering new artists and music, so all in all, I’m looking forward to the whole experience. Also, we’ll be camping, yay! 😀

Mahesh Raghunandan, Singer-songwriter and musician from Bangalore – performing at the festival (Meghalaya) this year


Photo: @Maheshmusic

“I couldn’t go last year but I’ll be attending this year indeed. In fact I’m one of the artists on on Day 1 🙂  The line up is great this year! I look forward to watching Steve Vai, Textures, Blackstratblues and Rhythm Shaw! Super excited to experience great live music in an incredibly lively place (I’ve been told!) which I’ll be visiting for the first time. My only tip is for everybody to forget the rest of the world for the two days and make most of the experience!” ~Mahesh

Kumti Imchen, Wanderlust-er, Contributor – RootsandLeisure, Manchester United Fan


Photo : Kumti Imchen

“I’ve never been to the festival because of work schedules. But this year I’m planning to visit with a couple of friends. I’m most excited about Steve Vai taking the stage – and of course, our very own Polar Lights. My friends and I are planning to go on the 26th and prepare ourselves to get lost in the frenzied rush.”~ Kumti

Artist Lineup – Daywise | Weekender Meghalaya, 2017


Photo courtesy nh7. in


Weekender Meghalaya, 2017 | Local Artists


Photo courtesy nh7. in

Festival Venue : Wenfield, The Festive Hills” – Thadlaskein, Lad Mukhla, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya

Daily Shuttle Service to the Festival site – return tickets Rs. 400


Photo courtesy nh7. in

  • Some Local Tips to have the most fun at the festival

Wapangla Imchen from Shillong, shares some insider tips:

  • This is the time to get creative with your outfits. Wear your most stylish outfit – that is uniquely you + comfortable. Don’t worry about being overdressed/undressed –  awesome crowd, so you’ll feel comfortable wearing anything!
  • Most important: Wear comfortable shoes because you need to do a lot of walking – mingling ion the crowd, checking out the various food stalls, photo booths and more
  • If you love dancing, do not miss the EDM stage. You will feel like you are in Ibiza. Finally, just be yourself and have a blast!

Get your tickets HERE. See you at the Festival!

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