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People in Fashion | Meet the Sister Duo behind J&Sasha Clothing Line


With new fashion brands being created everyday, personalization can very well be the next big movement in the fashion industry – taking the concept of self expression to a whole new level. We are definitely excited about to see crazy growth in this space, but it also means growing competition. Creating and running an independent brand isn’t easy – but few have been able to carve their own niche  – like the two sisters we have here today.

Meet the founders and owners of J & Sasha – Jessica Kent and Shanisha Kent – the sister duo from Nagaland, who started their own clothing line J & Sasha in the year 2015.


Photo: Shanisha Kent (Left) and Jessica Kent (Right) of J & Sasha

Let us get to know them a little better – through a brief chat.

  • So tell us something about yourselves.

Jessica Kent: I did my graduation from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, and my younger sister Shanisha Kent did her graduation from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. We are currently at home in (Dimapur) Nagaland – but we are planning to shift our base to New Delhi – and give a shot at building our newly launched fashion brand ‘J&Sasha’.

  • How did you guys choose the name ‘J&Sasha’?

We did a lot of brainstorming to come up with our brand name, but it wasn’t working. Funnily, one fine day we just thought of the name in the locker room of a gym – and we both liked it! J is from Jessica and Sasha is a love name for Shanisha called by our close friends. We both wanted a name that is easy and can be used internationally – as we really hope to make it a global brand. So this name ‘J&Sasha’ made sense at that moment, and we stuck by it 🙂


Picture Courtesy:J&Sasha

  • Where did you get the inspiration to start your own brand ?

Both of us are passionate individuals – and we’ve grown up being constantly inspired by the visual and the spiritual aspect of Fashion.

Our world is a kaleidoscope of various world cultures – with our passion originating from the inexhaustible colors and patterns of India – and travelling through the Zulu tribes of Africa – to the exotic carnival dancers of South America and the Caribbean, the Aztecs from Mexico and so forth. We love exploring and seeking beauty from everything around us. 

So this whole ‘starting up’ our own fashion brand is actually a culmination of all the beauty that we have absorbed throughout our lives ; and it is about time we share them with our friends – and their friends – and all lovers of fashion.

  • So what should we expect from J&Sasha?

J & Sasha comprises of three sister lines :

  • SummerChild
  • Folkhouse
  • J&Sasha Collection

SummerChild is a resort wear line celebrating the energy and flamboyance of the youth ; Folkhouse is mainly prêt design – which aims to bring the exoticism and vibrancy of the world cultures into our cosmopolitan lives. Our signature J&Sasha Collection is all about silhouettes that aims to nurture and celebrate the femininity of a woman.

“Our woman is a globe trotter – never confined by any boundary of a community/nation – but rather, always on the lookout for an adventure.”


Picture Courtesy:J&Sasha

  • I can see that you have taken inspiration from all over. What about your roots – how has it inspired the brand?

We love learning about different cultures and customs from around the world, and they have no doubt, inspired us and the brand. But without a doubt, we keep coming back to our (Naga) roots – which helps us in connecting the dots as a result of which, we are able to build a brand that is widely accepted but is also uniquely us – the sisters from Nagaland.

We love incorporating the tribal handloom textiles, motifs, prints with other contemporary fabrics – to create wearable statement fashion pieces.

  • Most important question – where can we get our hands on J&Sasha merchandise?

Right now, you can get them at our J&Sasha store in Dimapur which is located at:

Shop number 20,First Floor,Vikiye Center,
Notun Basti (Opp. La Primiere)
Dimapur, Nagaland.

You can also visit our page on Facebook and Instagram – for updates

Imliren Jamir

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