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Hello December. Hornbill Festival 2019 is Happening in Nagaland!


December is here, and Christmas is right around the corner! The air is crisp and cold with the temperature dropping steadily to welcome the season . . . and what better way to start the celebrations than with the pomp and grandeur of the much-awaited Hornbill Festival! This annual festival that happens every year in Nagaland from December 1 to 10, is something that you should not miss if you are looking to experience the Naga culture in all of 1 week!

The festival formula is essentially the same with a heady mix of traditional customs and modern pop culture coming together in one big celebration – but what sets it apart every year is the eclectic mix of performers and festival goers that gets even more colorful each year! Hornbill Festival has something for everyone – for the young, the old, the local, the tourist, the artist, the performer, and the audience… So come one and come all, and be a part of the most happening festival in the North East region to kickstart the holiday season!

Program overview of Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2019

Rootsandleisure_Hornbill Nagaland 2019

Performers “warming up” before the opening ceremony | Hornbill Festival 2018

  • Why you should experience the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

For one, this festival is one of the largest celebrations in the state of Nagaland opening the mood for more celebrations that follow in December. You get to witness the indigenous warrior spirit of the Nagas through the lovely showcase of dances and Morungs (traditional huts) and the traditional food of each tribe!

In addition, there is a host of performances by local artists, and also artists from the rest of the country and abroad. There will be a whole week of musical extravaganza across Kohima and Dimapur, where you will see a lineup of popular artists from across the world sharing the stage with the local artists.ย And there’s a jolly good mix of interesting folks coming to Nagaland from all over to be a part of the festivities. So get ready to mingle and be merry to kickstart your holiday season celebrations! Plus, do not miss the night bazaar where you will see a lot of young enterprising local folks putting up stalls ranging from food to handicrafts to crazy pop culture fancies!

Here is a glimpse of what we saw in last year’s Hornbill Festival 2018. You can check out more on our “HORNBILL FESTIVAL ACROSS THE YEARS” archive.

Sight from the Hornbill Festival | Hornbill Festival 2018


Fans waiting for KPOP band MONT to appear on stage at the HIMF in Dimapur | Hornbill HIMF 2018


Night Bazaar at the Hornbill Festival 2018

  • What should you expect at the Hornbill Festival Nagaland this year (2019)

Throughout the festival, there will be a medley of songs and dances that immortalizes folklores to keep the warrior spirit of the Nagas alive. Like its previous festivals, this year promises to bring a lot more excitement and life-changing adventures:

  • Hornbill Opening Ceremony at Kisama, Kohima
  • Night festival
  • The Great Hornbill Rock Festival
  • Hallyu 2.0
  • Hornbill Riders Meet
  • International Loin Loom Festival
  • Glocal โ€“ Hornbill International Film Festival and more!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this and we hope to see you there too! Here’s one of the first snapshots from this year’s Hornbill Festival 2019! Stay tuned to our Instagram for more updates from the festival

Rootsandleisure_Hornbill Nagaland 2019

Preparations underway at the Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2019

Preparations underway at the Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2019

Preparations underway at the Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2019


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