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Hornbill Festival 2022 Starts Today in Nagaland.

It’s that time of the year again we’ve all been waiting for. Nagaland is once again all set to host the famous hornbill festival. A festival that celebrates music, culture, food, and arts & tradition. It only gets better and brighter every year. This year we will get to witness an array of attractions around the state starting from 1st Dec to 10th Dec.


Kisama Heritage Village | Hornbill Festival Nagaland, 2022

Throughout the festival, there will be a medley of folk songs and dances, a musical night with artists from across the country and beyond, the display of traditional arts and crafts being displayed at the morungs. There is surely something for everyone here at this festival. So whether you’re a local or a traveler, fuzzy up with your warmest jacket and enjoy the cozy festival with high spirits! Also, don’t miss out on the night carnivals and enjoy the local brews and delicacies.

For all of our music enthusiasts, the music festival – brought to you by LIVENOW, starts from 2nd December till the 10th. We have an exciting lineup of artists from various parts of the country and abroad.” ~Burakum, Orhanizing member, LIVENOW

  • 3rd Dec: TINYFINGERS from Israel.
  • 4th Dec : Ginger Feet from Sikkim
  • 5th Dec: Rum & Monkeys from Shillong
  • 6th Dec : Girish and the Chronicles from Sikkim
  • 7th Dec : Ambush from Assam
  • 8th Dec : Rythmns of the earth (SAAMVAD),O Dapaan & Dr.Dope
  • 9th Dec : LC Sekhose, Anonymous Jamir and more!

Rehearsals for Hornbill Festival Nagaland, 2022

We’re very much excited to host NERM – Northeast Riders Meet. This is gonna be the second time being held in Nagaland. The first one was 10 years ago – back in year 2012! This is a platform where all bike rider enthusiasts gather together from different states of India and even internationally and have a jolly good time. We’re also excited that this year’s NERM is a part of hornbill festival’s official itinerary. The event will start from 3rd to 5th December at Noune Resort, Chumukedima.” ~ Dr Beizo Kiso, finance secretary of NMC (Nagaland Motorcycle Club)


NERM – Northeast Riders Meet | Hornbill Festival Nagaland, 2022

Here are some highlights from the venue – as we get ready for the opening ceremony at 4 PM today (Dec 1, 2022) at the Kisama Heritage Village.


Hornbill Festival Nagaland, 2022

Nagaland welcomes you to another edition of the Hornbill Festival! Check out our earlier coverage of Hornbill festivals across the years.

Hornbill Festival Nagaland, 2022


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