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Catching up with Pop/Rock Indie Band : Avora Records from Mizoram

With successful singles like “Sides” and “We Happy Few”, Aizawl-based pop/rock band, Avora Records has come a long way since they were just a couple of friends jamming together in 2013.  An all-boy band creating quite the rave with their fun, upbeat J-Pop/rock and Indie music, this local-gig-favorite band from Aizawl, Mizoram, has shown the crowd that they are here to stay. 

Avora Records was one of the many artists that performed at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this year in Meghalaya.

Here is an excerpt from their interview with our R&L member, Lisa.


Photo courtesy : Avora Records

  • Tell us how you guys got together? How did you come up with the band name?

It started off as just a couple of friends hanging out recording songs in a studio back in 2013. Our first live gig was in 2016.

The name of the band, Avora, is in honor of our producer and founder of the band, Mamaa.

  • What’s your inspiration behind your music? What kind of music do you make?

We try to make our music sound clean and honest. We listen to different genres of music from K-Pop to J-Pop to Indie Rock etc. So we mostly take inspiration from all of them. It is our upbringing, culture and roots that have played a fundamental part in influencing our music.


Photo courtesy : Avora Records

  • How is the music scene in Northeast different from   other parts of India and internationally?

We don’t think we can compare the music scene of India with that abroad, because international music scene is way ahead of us. When we talk about the music scene in northeast, it’s just that we don’t get the proper exposure that is needed.

  • What is the biggest misconception about musician in the Northeast?

This kind of misconception/idea doesn’t exist anymore, we feel. A few months back we were in Mumbai and Guwahati, and everyone out there were so warm and welcoming of us. We had a great time and felt at home there. The love and respect we received from the people out there was truly humbling!

  • Any message to young aspiring musicians out there?

To all the musicians out there go out, have fun and enjoy what you do! Hardwork and patience is the key to achieving all your dreams and goals.

For more on the band, follow their Facebook, Youtube, SoundCloudand Instagram

 You can watch the whole interview on our channel.

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