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Artist | Meet Beatboxer Zonimong

Some people are just born with an innate talent for making music and this artistic flair usually start at a young age. Talk about Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber  or Ed Sheeran and we all know their stories. Today, the music industry in Nagaland have also taken a U-turn from folklore to more contemporary production.A total new genre of talents are on the rise making us believe that ‘we are no less than them in the west.’ Yes! DIYers are the next big thing in almost every market now. And today we have one such talent to talk about here at R&L.

Meet – Zonimong Imchen who is one of youngest talents we have here in Nagaland. Just 15. Come again? Yes! 15.


R&L: Tell us something about yourself? How did it all start?

Zoni: I’m a student of 10 grade studying in Kohima. I started beat boxing at the age of 12. One afternoon, I came across a link ‘best beatboxer in the world’ while I was browsing the internet. I didn’t even know what beatboxing was before this. But when I saw that we can produce a range of sound effects and rhythm using just our mouths, I was amazed. I think that’s how it all got me started with beatboxing.

R&L: Are you just into beatboxing or do you have any other interest?

Zoni:  Hmm… It started as a hobby but then I found myself doing it everyday. While doing so, I also developed a taste for EDM and started producing EDM ever since. By producing EDM I got ideas on music structure which really entwines and help me with my beatboxing. And on holidays I love to go hiking and cycling.

R&L: Sounds Interesting. So where can we view or listen to your music?

Zoni: You can view some of my EDM  production on  YouTube and my beatbox on Instagram.

We are sharing here with you a video of Zoni’s beatboxing. Hope it’ll bring you a smile and give you an inspiration to continue doing what you’re passionate about. Dreams that come true are often made of passion because passion never dies too easily.  So here we go…..

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