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Meet Keren from LOQ | The Sole Whisperer from Nagaland

How many of us have heard of the American dream? The great big American dream has inspired millions of people in the world to dare follow their dreams and make it big in America. We met up with shoe designer Keren Longkumer, who is one of those brave young talents from the Northeast India.

Keren was born in Medziphima, lived in Kohima for a few years, and finished her schooling in Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh.  She then went on to Los Angeles to study shoe design, where destiny worked its magic. This is where she met another budding artist, Valerie Quant, who shared her passion for unconventional forms, proportions, materials and attention to detail.

Today, they are both proud co-founders of LOQ, a footwear brand with its operations spread across four cities globally and also caters to customers online. With a brand intention as brave as its founders – to redefine classics for the modern day woman – LOQ is here to tell the world what real women’s shoes must look like. Here are a few excerpts from an exclusive R&L interview with Keren Longkumer:


  • What does LOQ stand for?

LOQ is basically derived from the surnames of me and my co-founder, Valeri Quant’s names. We met in 2011 while studying footwear design in Los Angeles. We are from opposite sides of the world, Valerie is from Los Angeles and I’m from Nagaland. And yet, we found we shared a common passion for form, proportions, and materials. We founded LOQ in 2015.

  • What separates LOQ from other footwear brands?

We make footwear that is simple, and easy to wear. The intention is to redefine classics for the modern day woman. Our customers have loved what we have presented them with. Some of our best sellers for Fall are – The Lazaro boots, the Villa pumps, and the Lucia flats.

rootsandleisure_loq  rootsandleisure_loq

  • Where do you retail? Is LOQ available for Indian customers?

Yes. We are currently stocked in Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Dubai, and also online at loq.us. The price ranges from $290 to $495. Unfortunately, they’re not available in Indian retail outlets, but I’m trying to take some time out and travel to Mumbai to check out a few stores 🙂

More on their SITE, INSTAGRAM and BLOG


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