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Meet Muse – the All Female Production Crew from North East India


Here’s some promising news in the world’s ongoing quest for women to have their voices heard. We met a kickass production crew from North Eastern India that is in a pursuit to tell the world some beautiful stories. What’s more, it is an all-female team that involves professionals who are skilled in videography, photography, and edits.

The crew that goes by the name ‘MUSE Team‘ came together only this year and is currently based in New Delhi.  “We are currently on our way to put up more videos (both fiction and nonfiction) on various topics on our Youtube channel ‘The Muse’,” said a team member.


The team members all come from different backgrounds and cultures. But, what binds them together is the love for telling beautiful stories that aren’t covered by mainstream media.


Lurei Kamei [from Nagaland]: Has been working in a film production company in Delhi as a producer and researcher for the last 3 years.

RootsandLeisure_urei kamei

 “Before I came to Delhi and started working officially, I never realised how beautiful our Northeastern states are. I had to visit several states in the NorthEast [including Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and, Nagaland], for documenting their festivals and also to shoot the daily lives of people living there for a work assignment. I am from Nagaland but this project was an eye opener for me  – as to just how beautiful and unique each of these cultures were. Sitting with tribal folks, listening to their folk stories, hunting tales, mystical lores, looking at old women weaving bamboo baskets, or even walking on the paddy fields early in the morning – each of these experiences mesmerised me so much that I want to learn more and more about them.”

Sentitula Lemtur [from Nagaland]: Currently working as a freelance photographer in Delhi.

Rootsandleisure_tutu lemtur

“I am from the beautiful state of Nagaland, born and brought up in the small city of Dimapur. Growing up among the distinct rich cultures, traditions and beautiful flora and fauna of my state sparked an interest in me to explore more of what the world has to offer. I wanted to experience the joy of travelling to different places and interact with people from different walks of life. I yearn to learn about their different cultures and lifestyles and to live amidst mother nature. There was just something so fascinating about these beautiful moments that I wanted to capture and freeze them forever. So much that I ended up taking photography as my profession. I am very excited to work with Yangchen, Laxmi and Lurei since we all come from different states with our unique stories to share. Putting our novel ideas together, we strongly believe that we can create interesting stories!”

Yangchen Thapa [Tibetan-Nepali from Darjeeling]: Is a video editor and camera person by profession and an aspiring filmmaker.


 “I belong to a Nepali-Tibetan family from Darjeeling aka “the queen of the hills”. I spent most of my childhood days there while watching the sun set and rise over the Kanchenjunga. My foray into video and film making started when I took up my first job in a production house. I am always open to learning new things – people, culture, languages etc. Being with the MUSE Team is very fun – especially working with Tutu who is very energetic and fun loving. Together we have seen things, experienced challenges, travelled to places and helped each other so much that it binds us together and makes us a team.”

Laxmi Gurung [Nepali from Nagaland]: Currently working in the department of Information and Broadcasting for the Govt.of India in New Delhi. She also freelances as a photographer & videographer.

Rootsandleisure_laxmi gurung

“I was born and brought up in the hills of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, although my family’s origins lie in Dehradun in Uttarakhand. The culture and the beauty of the people obviously had an impact on my growth. After my graduation, I went to Delhi to apply for journalism courses, however due to some financial problems I couldn’t make it there. So, I came back and continued my masters in Nagaland. I then pursued a PG diploma course in journalism at Delhi because my maternal uncle came forward to sponsor me. Today he is no more, and I want to thank him for being so generous and helpful. I am focused and more confident about my career today because of him.”


We are passionate about photography, videography, video edits and directing movies. Currently, we are working on a music video which will be released within a couple of months. We are also coming up with interesting videos for special occasions like Friendship Day, Independence Day to name a few, on our Youtube channel ‘The Muse’.


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When we met, we all had our full-time jobs and were also freelancing on the side. Around that time, a project to create a video came up, and we decided to work together on it as a team. That’s how the ‘MUSE Team’ came into existence. It was a fun project and we really liked working with each other – and yes, we have more projects coming up!

Our first project was a Father’s Day video, and it received a lot of positive responses. Watch the video below!

We are excited for the Muse Team and look forward to hear more mesmerizing stories from the Northeast through them. Go ahead and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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