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Meet the Man behind the Hottest Food Venture in Nagaland | Fat Fryday and Fit Fryday


The food culture in Nagaland is becoming pretty progressive, as a growing tribe of young people are experimenting with various world cuisines and mixing it artfully with the local taste palate. The consumers are participating with equal zest by eating out more often; this is definitely a shift away from the earlier norm, where meals were generally had only at home or at a friend’s/relative’s place. As a result of all these, plenty of food ventures are sprouting in this part of the country with some really innovative themes.

One such venture that we would like to talk about today is the one started by Pur Longkumer from Nagaland. It’s an interesting home based cloud kitchen serving two categories of food : Yummy comfort food under ‘Fat Fryday’ and yummy healthy food under ‘Fit Fryday.’


Pur Longkumer – Founder of FitFryday and FatFriday

R&L caught up with Pur to learn more about them.

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. What was the first step you took to finally start this venture?

I graduated in hospitality and tourism management from Queen Margaret University in Singapore in 2011. Later, I worked a couple of odd jobs here and there until I discovered that I had a weird connection with food. So during the Hornbill Festival (in Nagaland) in December 2016, I decided to put up a small pop-up joint as a fun way to participate in the celebration. I guess it was received pretty well, and that pretty much was the beginning of the brand concept of ‘Fat Fryday.’

Happy customers at Pur’s first pop-up shop during Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, 2016

A post shared by Fat Fryday (@fat.fryday) on

A post shared by Fat Fryday (@fat.fryday) on

  • So Fat Fryday was launched first. How did Fit Fryday happen?

After the great success of ‘Fat Fryday’, I collaborated with Mikato Sema, a fitness freak and a friend of mine, to come up with a sub-brand and called it ‘Fit Fryday’. As the name suggests, Fit Fryday offers healthier alternatives like salads and lots of fresh veggies. Obviously, every effort is made to keep them equally mouth watering.


Health in pretty Boxes – Ready to be Delivered

Happy customers sending texts of gratitude!RootsandLeisure_FatFrydayFitFryday

  • The most important question: Where can we get our hands on these yummy and healthy food? What’s the price range?

Customers can make an order and pick them up at City Gym, 3rd Mile, Dimapur. We deliver as well, but currently only to limited locations – but we are happy to announce that we have completed our third batch of weekly delivery of healthy meal boxes to our customers. We are planning to expand our delivery service to include more locations – once we sort out the logistics and the processes. Coming to the price, each meal box is priced at Rs. 200/-

“We want to ensure that our customers not only get the tastiest of food, but also the best of customer service.”

Ozone Cafe team after a 5-day management training.


Ozone Cafe Team given a 5-day management training from Pur Longkumer (Fat Fryday Founder)

Check out their Instagram pages for Fat Fryday & Fit Fryday for daily food inspiration 🙂

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