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Meet Asano Peseyie from Nagaland – Founder of Quirky Qrafts

Remember those days in school when we used to exchange handmade cards? What an accomplishment it used to be – to be able to share a piece of our creativity with our best of friends! Sadly, we have outgrown that habit; not because we don’t care enough, but somehow we seemed to have gotten a little too busy for own good. But thanks to enterprising and creative people like Asano Peseyie, who with her cute little venture – Quirky Qrafts, is still serving organic love in various forms and shapes – as envelopes, pretty boxes and packages, cards, book marks and the list goes on . . .

Meet Asano Peseyie, founder and creative head of Quirky Qrafts – a design and craft venture from Nagaland.


Asano Peseyie – Founder and Creative Director of Quirky Qrafts.

A lot of artistry, designing and hard work goes into the process of making one-of-a-kind items that adds on to the essence of the token sent – and that’s exactly what Asano Peseyie strives to achieve through her venture. May this tribe of people grow in abundance and hope that through them, we too can learn something new everyday and in th process, make our special moments all the way more beautiful and precious.


Decor for Dessert Pop-Up Shop done by Quirky Qrafts

  • So Asano tell us what made you start Quirky Qrafts?

I was working at a government job in 2009, but I realized that spending my life at a nine to five job was not working any more. So I quit my job to start up as a freelance graphic designer. Over the years I learned how to blend graphic design and paper craft to create one of a kind products – that was not available in the local markets. That’s how the idea for Quirky Qrafts came into form.

Quirky Qrafts is a popular choice for those who need attractive gifts/packaging in small or large quantities – with unique designs suited to their own tastes . We have clients from all over India as well as abroad – especially new ventures who are just starting out and have very specific design requirements.


Cute Food packaging boxes custom made for @FatFryday by Quirky Qrafts

  • How did your freelancing venture turn into a full blown business? 

Quirky Crafts was founded in mid 2014 and our home based business gained popularity among young and old alike. I have since set up a production unit and employ many young women to create artistic and beautiful products ranging from stationery to gifts and packaging. For me, my work provides the opportunity to create something new every day and this keeps things interesting. It has been a challenging journey but it continues to be the most rewarding career. From attending a media course in hopes to be a producer/writer to landing up as a designer of quirky products, it was never a planned goal but this is exactly everything I wanted. We all start somewhere but as long as we keep building on our God given talents and put our trust in His plans for us, we begin to find the right direction.


Handmade Paper Flowers by Quirky Qrafts

  • There would have been many challenges on the way, certainly. How did you manage to be in the place you are in right now?

5 years down the line as a freelance graphic designer I was presented with the opportunity to apply more creativity into my work. As a young girl, I loved crafting odd little things and when clients requested for more than just a regular invitation card or custom themed decor for parties, it was the perfect opportunity to merge design and craft. And that is how Quirky Qrafts came into existence in 2014.

“Venturing into this business was not a breeze. Almost everything we have done is self taught. It has taken long hours of research, processes of trial and error, many paper cuts later, today that is invaluable experience. So far, Quirky Qrafts is an all girls team. The girls are dedicated and hardworking and their support has been of immense help in establishing this venture.”


Pretty Little Things | Cupcake boxes by Quirky Qrafts


One-of-a-Kind Bookmarks by Quirky Qrafts.


Adorable Gift Tags by Quirky Qrafts.

  • What kind of  items do you make and what is the price range?

We do a wide range of products : Gift Tags, Bookmarks, Mini Notepads, Greeting Cards, Favour Boxes, Invitation Cards, Stickers, Paper Bows etc and the prices vary according to many factors such as size, materials selected, ranging from a minimum of 10 INR on custom made products.


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