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Rovino Livi From Nagaland Poses With Her Loramhosii (Naga Shawl) At World Peace Pagoda, Nepal

“The ‘Naganess’ in me is on another level. That’s what my friends always say. I had posted a few photos of me with my Loramhosii (the shawl) on my Instagram story. Soon after my stories were up, some few friends messaged me asking where I was and why I had my Loramhosii around my neck (like a politician). Some messaged me asking if I was representing the country at some conference to which I regretfully replied, ‘I wish I was’.

Rovino Livi Wearing Her Identity


Rovino Livi with Her Loramhosii at World Peace Pagoda, Nepal

Call me ‘traditional’ but this is me, hanging on to my roots since day one. Every time I travel, I always make sure I have a small space in my luggage for my beautiful Lorahmhosii or a small traditional earring or necklace. I believe it’s important to know where we come from but it’s even more important to take that with us wherever we go because that is our  identity, and our identity is our pride.
We have a very rich culture but most of us often neglect the importance of learning about it while the remaining of us are not at all interested. Did you know that there are so many people out there who love and admire our rich culture? There are people who want to know and learn how our beautiful shawls and mekhalas are weaved and what each shawl, pattern and design signifies. 
If we take pride in our culture, the world comes to recognize and appreciate it even more.


Frontal View of the World Peace Pagoda at Pokhara, Nepal

The people I met on my trip loved my Lorahamsii as much I do or even more. They asked me so much about my shawl and even posed for a lot of pictures with it as souvenirs to take it home. 
See what I mean? That’s how beautiful our culture is.”

~Rovino Livi from Kohima, Nagaland. 


Atop Pokhara City with the Anapurna Ranges in view and Lake Phewa on the Left.

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